Experience Sarajevo Matinée with Concentrix Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this way, Concentrix Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the local art scene, local entrepreneurs, participates in the promotion of the cultural sights of the city of Sarajevo and contributes to the organization of the most popular event for young people in the region.

Oliver Derler, Managing Director of Concentrix Balkans, explains that the company Concentrix Bosnia and Herzegovina has always focused on the local community, youth and culture, and that cooperation with the Sarajevo Matinée event is a logical consequence of that.

“This recognizable event in the country and region combines the local art scene with the global one, promotes tourism, represents local entrepreneurs, local cuisine, attracts a large number of young people in a very innovative way and as such has immeasurable importance for the community. Concentrix Bosnia and Herzegovina, a company that operates in Sarajevo, has a great obligation to the community, and that is why I am especially glad that we will be part of Matinée and contribute to the further positioning of Sarajevo on the cultural and artistic scene,” said Derler.

Take a look at some of the Sarajevo Matinee atmosphere with Concentrix BiH in the video below.

The importance of Sarajevo Matinée was also confirmed by the Ambassador award in the category “Regional event in 2023” – Sarajevo Matinée has always had the primary goal of raising awareness of culture and art as well as supporting young artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They would not have succeeded on that path alone, so they connected with people who have the same visions and goals as them. Concentrix, which is the biggest partner of Sarajevo Matinée for the second year, helps and invests a lot in the development of young artists, their creativity and progress, which has a great impact on the maintenance of culture and cultural events such as Sarajevo Matinée.

Idna Mačkić-Biber, Head of Marketing at Concentrix Balkans, adds that Concentrix Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo Matinée share respect for young creators, the local artistic and cultural-historical scene and an innovative approach to the organization.

“With this partnership, we want to show the community how many talented people our city has and, together with the organizers of the event, raise awareness of the existence of a promising cultural and artistic scene in Sarajevo. It is a great pleasure for our company that we are united in the mission with Sarajevo Matinée, to support the youth, community and art”, explains Mačkić-Biber.

The series of Sarajevo Matinée events began on May 4 in front of the Academy of Fine Arts with the performance of French virtuoso Sebastian Leger, and the visual event was provided by ALU students Dino Tozo, Ilma Pacoli, Berina Šuvalija and Imran Murtagić.

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