EU4Tech PoC: A new call for innovative ideas

Continuing to work on its mission of supporting the development of innovative business ideas, INTERA Technology Park remains involved in regional and European initiatives through which teams and companies can receive significant support in the early stages of developing their ideas. One such initiative is the EU4Tech PoC project, whose main goal is to provide teams with technical support in order to validate their idea, concept, theory, solution or technology they are working on before entering the market.
On Monday, January 18, 2021, a new call will be opened after the successful implementation of the Program in the first cycle. It will be presented on the same day at the webinar starting at 2 PM. At the meeting, all those interested will be able to hear details about the Program and how to apply, and about the support that the Program provides to users. Through workshops and mentoring, all users have the opportunity to work on developing their own technology and prototypes, get support in the field of entrepreneurship, gain the necessary knowledge to protect intellectual property, learn to research the market, develop their own business model and plan and explore financial support.
All those who want to validate their idea can apply. We will accept applications from universities, research institutes, but also small and medium and startup companies from the region. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to work with a regional team of experts who will contribute their knowledge and experience to the development of innovative business ideas. A member of the regional mentoring team, as a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is Vedran Šimunović, director of INTERA Technology Park.
If you want to know more about the call, please register at the following link. More information about the program can be found here.