Call for applications – “Our local foundation – community has a say!”

In December 2020, Trag Foundation, with the support of the Porticus Foundation and in partnership with the Tuzla Community Foundation, Mozaik Foundation, Network for Building Peace and the Hastor Foundation, launched the program and call for applications “OUR LOCAL FOUNDATION – COMMUNITY HAS A SAY!”. The aim of the program is to encourage the establishment of local foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The program “Our local foundation” is designed as an incubator for local foundations, which will provide information, mentorship, and opportunity for networking, and after independently collecting the first fund, additional funds needed to establish and long-term support initiatives in your area will be provided as well.

What do you need to do?

You need to have an informal group of at least three people who live in the same area and who are ready to work together to establish a foundation. The application deadline is January 29, 2021. Please send your applications using the following link.

What is a local foundation?

A local foundation is a way to connect people who have ideas with people who have the funds to implement them, and right there – in their local communities! Establishing a foundation is not easy, but it is far easier when you have support.

Local foundation:

  • Acts locally and independently,
  • Includes city, municipality or canton,
  • Raises funds in the community and supports various community initiatives,
  • Represents a meeting place, connects people, motivates people to act, promotes solidarity.

How to establish a foundation in your area?

Take a look at your community and the first thing you will notice is that there is room for improvement. Hold your gaze a little longer and you will see that there are also resources to make your environment better. These resources can be money, goods, space, knowledge, contacts or free time that companies and individuals will donate.

Individuals can do so much, united can do even more! That is why the Trag Foundation is looking for informal groups of at least three people who live in the same local community and are ready to work together on a local foundation. Tuzla Canton already has foundations – now we are looking for enthusiasts from other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

If you’ve seen a chance to improve and team up to contribute to the community in which you live in the long run, apply for the call by filling out the application form by Friday, January 29, 2021, until 5 PM.

Information about the call for applications

All additional questions about the application process and the program can be sent to Marija Mitrović, Director for Philanthropy and Partnerships ( and Vjekoslav Vuković (, Philanthropy Coordinator by e-mail: or contact us by phone or via Viber or WhatsApp applications: +381692024066 (Marija) and +381692224072 (Vjekoslav) or find more information on the website