Adventure tourism in Blagaj

Blagaj near Mostar, one of the most important medieval locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has become a popular climbing site. Young people living and working there have recognized the potential for adventure tourism and decided to develop interesting offers for adventure and nature lovers.

Author: Marina Đapić

The Climbing Sports Club Blagaj is successfully completing the Blagaj Climbing project to improve tourism and raise environmental awareness.

The project brought together a group of young people with a focus on the protection of the Blagaj ferrata, education on the Blagaj climbing potential and nature conservation, with the aim of designing educational and adventure tours.

“Impressive rocks, beautiful nature, mild climate, healthy food, water and hospitable hosts are the treasures we have to offer to tourists. As part of the project, we repaired the existing situation in the Blagaj ferrata Vulin potok and replaced the old infrastructure with a new one. We held a five-weekend educational program for young tour guides and we want to dedicate ourselves to developing ideas that will promote Blagaj as a place of adventure tourism”, says Ružica Ivanović – coordinator of the Blagaj Climbing project.

The goal of tours is primarily to be educational, in the true sense of the word, with an emphasis on approaching nature in Herzegovina with attention and awareness, and creating a holistic offer that will combine all the best sports, natural and domestic aspects of tourism.

“Visitors will also be able to learn about the flora and fauna of the climbing ecosystems, enjoy cultural and historical tours and the homely atmosphere. The greatest part of the idea is that it was launched by young people living in Blagaj, who want to contribute to the development of Blagaj’s potential,” Ivanović points out.

The climbing area in Blagaj began to develop in 2014 on the initiative of Salih Mulaosmanović, and was recognized by the world’s best climbers. It is becoming a stronghold for younger generations of climbers from Mostar, Blagaj and other cities in BiH.

The idea of ​​adventure tourism is in its infancy and has the potential to thrive. Young eco activists and climbers are ready for adventures and tourist offers are already prepared for all visitors.