Dry meat from Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 11th on the list of the best meat products in the world

The website Taste Atlas published a list of the “50 best-rated meat products in the world”, and dried meat was on the list, even in 11th place.

The first three places were occupied by types of ham from Spain called jamon. One type of this ham from Spain took eighth place on the list. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh places were taken by types of prosciutto from Italy.

“Dried meat is a Bosnian specialty made by salting, drying and smoking beef over an oak fire. The meat must not be too dry, and it takes special skill and knowledge to make the dish properly,”  they wrote on the well-known website tasteatlas.com.

Ninth and tenth place were taken by Kulen from Slavonia and Baranja from Croatia with an average score of 4.6. Dried meat as a traditional Bosnian product had the same rating.

“Since the preparation of dried meat requires special expertise, the methods are usually passed down from one generation to the next. Meat is traditionally seasoned with garlic or pepper. Dry meat is so popular that it is an integral part of most Bosnian feasts and celebrations,”  they said.

When it comes to Croatia, the list also includes Dalmatian prosciutto in 19th place, Istrian prosciutto in 31st place, Kulenova seka in 36th place and Drniški prosciutto in 37th place.

The list also included three meat products from Serbia, namely Petrovac kulen in 26th place, Pirot iron sausage in 39th place and Užice prosciutto in 45th place.

Source: akta.ba