Donating food as part of the company’s ESG strategy: Invitation to a conference in Sarajevo

For the purpose of more efficient management of surplus food and integration of ESG principles in the operations of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Philanthropic Forum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Mozaik Foundation, with the financial support of the American Agency for International Development USAID, are organizing the conference “Donating food as part of the ESG strategy of companies”.

The event will take place  on April 24, 2024 , at the  Ibis Styles hotel in Sarajevo , from  12:00  to  4:30  p.m.

This conference provides companies with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively manage food surpluses, thereby not only reducing costs and waste, but also strengthening their market position through improved corporate responsibility and sustainability. Participation in the conference allows companies to make a positive impact on the environment and society through reducing food waste and supporting the community.

Representatives of relevant state institutions, innovative startups, and business entities that already donate food as part of their ESG strategies will speak at the conference. The intention is to show the practical possibilities of donating food before the deadline, which, we remind you, was exempt from VAT last year.

Experiences from the region

Laurentiu-Florin Dimitriu, General Manager of Nestlé for Croatia, BiH and Slovenia , will share his experiences on the impact of food donation strategies on sustainable development: “Every week an incredible 40% of food ends up as waste, which negatively affects the environment. At Nestlé, through the Together Against Food Waste initiative, we aim to reduce waste by 30% over the next four years, donating food to organizations that distribute it to those who need it most,” and added that in the first two months of 2024 alone, Nestlé donated about 6 .5 tons of products to organizations in the region, including from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Maja Mandić, manager for product safety and environmental protection at Delhaize Serbia , will talk about the experiences of this company, which is recognized as one of the leading companies in Serbia when it comes to donating food and socially responsible business, while representatives of  the Food Bank of North Macedonia and The food banks of Vojvodina  share their experiences and practices in their many years of operation.

“This conference highlights the importance of ESG principles — environmental, social and governance factors — that are key to sustainable business. Since these principles are relatively new in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their acceptance can improve the competitiveness and innovation of companies. This is especially important because the majority of young people (56% of the world’s population) belong to the Millennials and Generation Z, who greatly value sustainability. These young people are important customers and the future workforce of companies, therefore the timely adoption and improvement of ESG principles in business is crucial,” said  Vilma Tunjić Juzbašić, director of Mozaik ESG Solutions , a department in the Mozaik Foundation that is dedicated to strengthening ESG principles of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We invite all interested companies to apply for participation in the conference and find out how your company can contribute to sustainability through effective management of food surpluses. For a more detailed insight into the content of the conference program, see  the Rolify community , and applications can also be made directly via  the form .