DOBRO FOR PHILANTHROPY: The names of companies and individuals competing for this year’s award have been announced

The Foundation Mozaik, in cooperation with the Agency Mašta, has announced this year’s nominations for the DOBRO award for philanthropy. This is a recognition that has been awarded since 2008 with the aim of recognizing and promoting individuals and companies whose philanthropic activities and commitment significantly contribute to the development of communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In previous years, the award has been given within three basic categories: individual philanthropy, corporate volunteering and corporate philanthropy. This year, two new categories were introduced in order to provide an opportunity for all to nominate individuals from the diaspora of Bosnia and Herzegovina who contribute to the development of communities in our country, either through independent action or through the contribution of companies founded in the diaspora. or are owned by them.

A total of 196 applications were received for this year’s call for nominations for the award, of which 169 were in accordance with the technical criteria of the award, and after the process of accepting nominations, a total of 63 nominations in three basic categories and three subcategories of the award were selected.

In the category of individual philanthropy, philanthropist from 17 to 35 years of age, 20 people were nominated: Aida Redžepagić, Ajna Jusić, Amar Velagić, Amel Kapo, Anastasija Ćorović, Elma Slabić, Elvir Draginović, Hasmira Malić, Ivan Polić, Jasmin Nikšić, Melita Mujad , Nihad Suljić, Nihad Veladžić, Nikolina Čolak, Safet Kubat, Samra Šakanović-Prgić, Sandra Erkić, Seid Fijuljanin, Sulejman Abazović and Tarik Zahirović.

In the category of individual philanthropy, philanthropist over 35 years of age, 15 people were nominated: Adisa Tufo, Adnan Mujkić, Almir Paočić, Azra Jakupović, Esmin Brodlija, Goran Bubalo (posthumously), Hazim Osmanović, Husein Hujić, Johan Sattler, Magdalena Muhamed Schildknecht Tafi, Nermina Rudež-Vehabović, Sanela Jurišić, Svetlana Vuković and Željko Lazarević.

In the category of corporate philanthropy, small companies (up to 50 employees), six companies compete: BUNARIN SP, INT BH d.o.o., MIRROR d.o.o., UR Kašahana, VEGA-MIX d.o.o., Wintorius.

In the category of corporate philanthropy, medium-sized companies (from 50 to 250 employees), eight companies are competing: Baupartner doo, Berry Superfos Balkan doo, Ećo Company doo, Hemofarm doo, Mistral Technologies doo, NEIMAX doo, R&S doo, TEHNOGRAD-company doo.

In the category of corporate philanthropy, large companies (over 250 employees), nine companies are competing: Bosna Bank International dd, BH Telecom dd, dm drogerie markt doo, GRAWE osiguranje dd, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka dd, Konzum doo, Mlijekoprodukt doo, Symphony Group doo and UniCredit Bank d.d.

Adela Mehić-Džanić, Emira Hadžiavdić, Lejla Tinjić-Zaimović, Mahira and Semir Tanović and Maja Hadžiselimović participate in the category of individual philanthropy for members of BiH diaspora.

The decision on the winners of the DOBRO award for philanthropy for 2020 will be made by an independent commission composed of 6 members. The results will be published on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 2 PM in the Community for Activism and Entrepreneurship and on the social networks of the Mozaik Foundation.

Foundation Mozaik Communications Team

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