“Creative workshop for children with developmental disabilities” in the Bombon kindergarten

Mayor of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, dr. Hasan Tanović visited the first of four “Creative Workshops for Children with Developmental Difficulties” that are being implemented in the pre-school institution Kindergarten Bombon 2.
At the front door of this institution in Paromlinska no. 36, he was greeted by smiling children from the “Sea of ​​Hope” kindergarten, which operates as part of the “Vladimir Nazor” Center for Education and Rehabilitation. Together with the teachers, they started the morning in the yard of the kindergarten with crayons and coloring books in their hands. After a short time, they were joined by their friends from the Bombon kindergarten, with whom they socialized and played, which is actually one of the ultimate goals of these workshops. 

The organizers want to create a relaxed atmosphere where children with developmental disabilities will have fun through numerous activities, and on the other hand, in this way it will be easier for them to enter the social environment, that is, they will be more prepared for the challenges that await them when they come to school.

It is planned to hold four workshops in which about 100 boys and girls will participate.

Municipal head dr. Tanović said that the socialization of children with developmental difficulties is very important, and that we must always have an open heart and outstretched arms towards them. Their future friends should do the same and never allow themselves to be stigmatized.  
The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo also supported the project of the Association Mother and Child-Candy last year. The approved funds for these purposes amount to 10,000 convertible marks.

It should also be noted that the project is carried out within the Public Call of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo for associations (civil society organizations/non-governmental organizations) to submit project proposals in the fields of education, culture, sports, youth support, support for children and adults with developmental disabilities, support for people of the third age and environmental protection. 

Source: novosarajevo.ba