How much money is enough for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)? How much money do young people in BiH receive, declaratively or in practice? Are they satisfied? When will it get better?

These are very important questions that are not asked very often in our country, but the answers are very often shameful. Budget allocations for young people are either insufficient or not in line with the needs of young people. The fact is that there is no single information on budget allocations for young people in our country. Representatives of the umbrella bodies for youth in BiH warn of this sad fact. They remind the authorities at all levels in BiH that budget allocations for young people must be increased and that, when planning these allocations, local communities must include young people.

“When planning budget allocations for young people, in the form of grants, a support system should be established, which will ensure that young people have adequate knowledge and skills in order to use the funds in the best possible way. If, e.g. we are creating a grant to support small businesses, the local community should offer education on writing business plans, business management, but also establish mentoring mechanisms”- the Youth Council of the Federation of BiH points out.

Budget funds allocated for the needs of young people are a very important segment of helping young people in a local community, the representatives of the umbrella bodies for young people in BiH added. Budgets must be created in cooperation with young people, because only then will they clearly respond to the real needs of this population. In addition, young people need to be involved in monitoring the effects of allocations and in decisions regarding the allocation of funds.

More information available at: https://www.vijecemladih.ba/fakat-je-vakat-za-mlade/budzetska-izdvajanja-za-mlade/?fbclid=IwAR3-l0K0mD2opk7MGi2gXf4qMqxsQCksoqWjODfoOMXy3hRXmFhrXoF5qUU

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