Breathtaking footage: Brave jumpers performed a BASE jump from the highest rock in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the Blidinje Nature Park, the first BASE jump was performed from Veliki Kuk, the highest rock in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the video of the jump is blood-curdling.

A video of one of the jumpers was shared on the Instagram profile of Visit Blidinje and Visit Herzegovina.

“We are proud of the fact that the Blidinje Nature Park is increasingly recognized as an attraction for those seeking adrenaline. This time, the blood in our veins was followed by the daring BASE jumpers who performed the championship jump from the cliffs of Veliki Kuk. This is also the first BASE Jump ever in the Park”, they stated.

This place is incredible in itself, and when individuals dare to jump from there, then watching it all is the best thing that can happen to you.

The cliffs of Veliko Kuk are one of the largest in this part of Europe with over 1300 meters of stone gorges that complement each other up to over 1800 meters above sea level. When we add the deepest canyon in this part of Europe, the Diva Grabovice Canyon, which reaches over 1,800 meters in height, then we know for sure that this place is also suitable for such feats. The height of the cliffs and the depth and length of the canyon are perfect for flights that can be the longest in the Balkans and beyond.

“In one word, spectacular! That’s how we can describe this video from the head of one of the skydivers, and we are proud to share it with you. We would like to thank the guys for their bold venture, and also to Zehrudin Isaković, who came up with this idea and brought them to this place and organized the whole event,” they continued.

The jumpers who participated in this impressive undertaking are Robert Pecnik, Matevž Lukić, Edo Senica and Nejc Sedovnik.