Bosansko Grahovo and Glamoc are one step closer to the construction of wind parks worth 500 million BAM

The first kilowatts of electricity from the wind farm that will be built in Bosansko Grahovo by the branch office of the German giant are expected in five years, which will bring an additional close to one million BAM to the local budget on an annual basis.

The head of Bosansko Grahovo, Uros Djuran, told Glas Srpske that, adding that a memorandum of understanding was signed two days ago in Livno between the Government of Livno canton and the wpd Europe GmBH company with the aim of implementing electricity generation projects from renewable energy sources in the area of ​​that canton.

Djuran reminded that the wind farm will be built in that local community by a branch of the German giant Vjetroelektrana dah planine from Mostar and emphasized that the investor promised that during the preparation and construction of the wind farm, he would engage all available domestic labor and machinery.

They are now in the process of obtaining certain permits issued by Sarajevo. We will do everything that we as a municipality can do as quickly as possible. We are satisfied with everything we have heard so far from investors during the presentation of the project. They expect to have a construction permit by the end of next year, and to have everything completed by 2027, which means that in about five years we can expect the first kilowatts from the wind farm – explained Djuran.

He points out that the annual budget of Bosansko Grahovo is 2.4 million BAM and that thanks to the wind farm, it will provide close to a million BAM annually from fees, which will greatly fill the local budget and open the door to new investments.

In addition to Bosansko Grahovo, the branch of the German giant will also build a wind farm in Glamoc, where they have already pointed out that this investment will be a kind of financial injection for the local community.

The regional office of wpd Adria previously stated for Glas that the estimated investment in wind farms in these two local communities is around half a billion BAM.

Last year, the German company wpd Europe GmBH announced the construction of four wind farms in the area of Livno Canton. In addition to the two, for which the concession was approved, the construction of two wind parks in the Livno area was also announced. It is one of the world’s leading producers of renewable energy sources. This global giant has wind farms in 30 countries around the world.


The concessionaire was granted a concession for the construction of the Marino brdo wind farm, located in the area of ​​Bosansko Grahovo, with a total installed capacity of 126 megawatts, for which a one-time fee of 56,330 BAM was determined. A concession was also granted for the construction of the Cadilj wind farm, located in the Glamoc area, with a total installed power of 138 megawatts, for which a one-time concession fee of 62,236 BAM was determined.