Another education was held with the aim of fostering friendship and understanding among elementary schools in Mostar

Yesterday, the Novi Val Youth Club organized an extraordinary event in nature, together with Bartol Kašić Elementary School and “Vrapčići” Elementary School. This initiative is part of the project “Promoting Friendship and Understanding among Primary Schools in Mostar”, supported by the German Embassy. With an emphasis on reconciliation and ecology, this event aims to awaken emotions in students, encourage them to think about biology, ecology and the importance of preserving biodiversity and the environment.

Through various workshops and educational activities, participants had the opportunity to connect with Herzegovina’s donkeys and griffon vultures, which are endangered species in our area. This interaction with the animals allowed them to expand their knowledge about these beautiful creatures, their natural habitat and their important role in preserving the natural ecosystem. The students were inspired by these encounters and realized that each individual can play a significant role in preserving nature.

Particularly interesting activities were artistic and literary workshops in nature, where students could use their creativity and express their ideas about protecting and preserving the environment. As they drew and wrote in the beautiful natural surroundings, they felt a special connection with nature and were inspired by everything they learned about the richness of life in our area. Such moments are precious, because they help our young people develop a deeper understanding of nature and fall in love with it.

Projects like this are extremely important, because they allow students to gain greater awareness of the importance of preserving nature and the environment. Through these activities, they become aware of their key role in protecting natural resources and develop a deep love for nature. This is key to creating future generations that will actively work on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Our youth is a force for change, and through projects that connect them with nature and encourage emotions of reconciliation and understanding. The Novi Val Youth Club is dedicated to fostering reconciliation between communities and at the same time building awareness of environmental issues.