Almost 30,000 BAM for 11 projects of the Active Community Fund

Members of the Network of Active Communities (NAC) are proof that true activists and leaders never give up. Local development groups in these communities have worked hard and planned their activities, adapting them to the uncertain new situations, determined to work continuously on solutions to problems. The nomination of implemented activities is part of the annual action plans that these groups, with the mentorship of NAC, develop and consistently implement in stages. Progress and improvement of living conditions in these communities are increasingly visible, but what seems invisible, and represents an equally important change in this process, is the empowerment and involvement of citizens, especially those from vulnerable categories, in community development through participation in “living” democracy. The Tuzla Community Foundation has a leading role in these processes, because often certain financial support is the first part of the solution to a certain problem and gives the wind in the back to citizens to make maximum use of all available resources in further implementation by developing cooperation between the public, civil and business sectors. The key role in connecting and strengthening intersectoral trust at the local level is played by MAZ, which through the model of community organization and mentoring educates active citizens and participates together in the processes of democracy.

Ermin Avdić, Secretary General of NAC, says that they are constantly working to strengthen the capacity of activists working in local development groups: “These are representatives of schools, women, retired persons, youth, etc., in short, volunteers who enthusiastically participate in our workshops, forums and study visits. The pandemic has limited some of these activities, but together we always find a way to work and develop better conditions in our communities.”

As part of the first public call of this Fund through 11 initiatives, citizens have adapted social facilities, replaced worn-out carpentry, provided adequate drainage around the facilities they use, arranged playgrounds for the youngest, fenced schools to increase safety, built stands for sports and many other actions that make life in local communities better.

Associations and informal groups supported in the first public call of the Active Community Fund are: Local Development Group Seljublje, Local Development Group Turija, Local Development Group Prokosovići, Local Development Group Bokavić, Local Development Group Gornja Tuzla, Local Development Group Dobrnja, Par Selo Local Development Group, Simin Han Local Development Group, Solina Local Development Group, Gnojnica Local Development Group and Bikodže Local Development Group.

The second public call of the Active Community Fund was closed on November 8, 2020, during which NAC members nominated 10 new initiatives for a better, safer and more comfortable life in their communities. In the following period, the Grants Commission of the Fund will consider applications, and the decision on supported projects will be announced in a timely manner.