9-year-old Inan is the best dog guide

The last such success was achieved at the State Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina for German Shepherds, which was held recently in Banja Luka.

Although he is only nine years old, the boy Inan Kuršumović from Sanski Most is already a recognizable person in the world of dog breeding and training, and he has been declared the best dog handler at several cynological competitions.

Prestigious awards 

This success is even greater if you bear in mind that he won this prestigious award at dog shows and competitions in competition with much older and more experienced colleagues, reports Nezavisne. The last such success was achieved at the State Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina for German Shepherds, which was held recently in Banja Luka.

Not long before that, this award was presented to him at a large canine competition held in Zagreb, in front of distinguished international canine judges. Inan inherited his love for dogs from his father Sandi, who for many years has been breeding German shepherds, one of the most famous and noble dog breeds in the world. The dogs bred by the Kuršumović family have in the past won a handful of awards and recognitions. “Inan fell in love with dogs very early on, practically they have been his best friends since birth. He built a special emotional bond with them, so over time he mastered the techniques of their upbringing and learning, and all this can be seen in the competitions we participate in,” says the older Kuršumović.

“Best in the world”

The boy modestly says that he is attached and affectionate to his four-legged pets and that he spends a large part of his time with them. Thanks to his successes, he became popular at school and in society, and he also transfers his love for dogs to his peers. “I want to say hello to my teacher and friends with whom I often play. They also love to play with dogs who are the best animals in the world. “They are so good and they will not attack anyone, only thieves and people who sell drugs,” says the boy. His father adds that dogs know best how to reciprocate the love given to them, so they trust the young guide unreservedly. “It often happens that we both issue different orders at the same time and the dogs will always prefer to obey him rather than me,” says the older Kuršumović with a laugh. According to him, these are noble animals that have their own origins and pedigrees, and strict attention is paid to their crossbreeding and future offspring.

Ideal dogs 

By the way, the Kuršumovići work closely with the well-known kennel of German shepherds “Splitberg” from Split, so they perform under their logo at numerous competitions. Kuršumović points out that it is a very expensive hobby because significant investments are required, starting with the conditions in which the dogs live and their nutrition. Also, he particularly emphasizes the help provided by Senad Đumišić, a veterinary technician who is himself a great lover of dogs, as well as other breeders of German shepherds from the region. He states that it is one of the most popular and recognizable dog breeds in the world, and the German Shepherd was originally bred as a shepherd dog, which watched over and guarded the sheep. Today, it is used as a working and guard dog in the police, army and on borders, as a therapy and rescue dog that participates in searches for lost people, and as a guide for blind people. “Thanks to their friendly and curious behavior, they fit perfectly into the role of guardians and family dogs, but daily work and socialization are necessary with them. They are very connected with people and loyal to their owner, they have great intelligence, the ability to learn, as well as the willingness to work. In any case, they can be ideal dogs if they are given proper attention,” says Kuršumović.

Source: blesak.info