What is the impact of the legal and institutional framework on the development of philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

How well do you know the legislation in the field of philanthropy? What are the three most common problems you encountered when receiving or giving donations?

Answer these and other questions and participate in the preparation of the analysis of the impact of the legal and institutional framework on the creation of a favorable environment for the development of philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By philanthropy we mean giving to charity, humanitarian and developmental purposes for the common good. We are interested in the views of donors, i.e., recipients of donations, as well as representatives of government institutions that have different competencies in this area.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to get as much information as possible about the challenges you face.

Your answers are important to us in preparing ideas for reforms, and in order to facilitate donations for the common good.

Please take 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire ⤵️



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