Visit the first regional virtual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair “Sarajevo 2020”

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair “Sarajevo 2020” is a unique virtual event that will bring together over 200 exhibitors from across the region. Over 150 small and medium-sized businesses, over 40 innovators from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 20 investors responded to our invitation and decided to participate at this year’s Fair. The Fair will be opened with three great innovation and entrepreneurial stories. After listening to these stories, you can walk through the Innovation Hall, the Small and Medium Business Hall, the Investment and Support Hall or watch the Regional Competition for the Best Innovations “Sarajevo 2020”. The detailed program of the Fair is available here:

Don’t miss this great opportunity and visit the Fair on November 23-24, 2020!

Three great innovative and entrepreneurial stories that you will hear about at the Fair

  • Mate Rimac

The director and founder of the Rimac Automobili and Greyp Bikes is known for his innovations Concept_One and C-2, which started the (r)evolution in the production of electric (super) cars. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2009 in a small garage to be on Forbes ’list of innovative young entrepreneurs in 2017. Today, he employs 900 people in his companies. A few days ago, he announced on his official YouTube channel that he would share co-ownership in the company with employees and that the new Rimac Automobile campus would also have a startup incubator.

  • Dušanka Ilić

Innovator and entrepreneur from Serbia, founder and director of Beyond 42, a startup that has made success with its brand in a short time by launching platforms for virtual events on the global market. Among Beyond 42’s clients today are Koç Foundation, Heidelberg University, European University Consortium, Modul University Vienna, UNFPA and many others. If you want to know what the entrepreneurial path of an innovative startup from the region to the global market looks like join the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair “Sarajevo 2020”.

  • Mirza Cifrić

Owner and founder of Veritas Genetics, the first company to sequence the entire human genome for less than $ 1,000. For two years in a row, MIT Technology Review has named Veritas Genetics one of the 50 smartest companies in the world. Mirza was the CEO of AbVitro Inc. and ran Solmap Pharma, where he headed the corporate development department. It was bought by the international leader in the field of oncology – FORMA. At the Fair, he will share more about what it means to run a company that operates on three continents and what role innovation plays in his work.

If you haven’t done so far, be sure to watch the announcement video of the Fair and let us know if you will join us on our Facebook event.