USAID/INSPIRE: Support for LGBTQI Community Activities in BiH

Throughout the Human Rights Support Program (USAID/INSPIRE), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) empowers citizens and authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve human rights protection and provide better employment services and opportunities to marginalized groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

USAID/INSPIRE continues the achievements of USAID’s Marginalized Groups Support Program (2015-2020). This program has built the capacity of non-governmental organizations dealing with LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex) communities to cooperate with municipal authorities and local community leaders in organizing the first PRIDE parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) held in 2019. The Program provided support for advocating systemic solutions to the problems faced by marginalized groups. Marginalized groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to face major challenges. That is why it is crucial to continuously provide support to those who need it, including members of the LGBTQI community.

USAID/INSPIRE invites non-governmental organizations registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina (associations and foundations established under the laws on associations and foundations in BiH) to submit their project proposals under that will support activities of the LGBTQI community in BiH.

The following cannot apply: public institutions, government institutions, companies, religious organizations, political entities, as well as international non-governmental organizations that do not have their registered office in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the laws on associations and foundations in BiH.

All project activities must be implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project proposals can be submitted for all or part of the funds needed for the implementation of the project.

The total available funds under this Call are 480,000 BAM. The minimum amount of funds requested from USAID/INSPIRE may not be less than 30,000 BAM, and the maximum amount of funds requested may not exceed 150,000 BAM. The duration of the project cannot be shorter than 6 months or longer than 24 months.

All questions regarding this Call should be exclusively sent to the following e-mail: (subject: 20.04.0-N2.1-261, Inquiry) until February 26, 2021.

Applicants are required to submit a draft project proposal in electronic form, with all required attachments, by March 5, 2021, by 4:00 PM, after registering as an organization on the online grant management platform APPLY. The applicants need to fill in all the information about their organization and select the component to which they wish to apply for within the USAID/INSPIRE Program, after which they will immediately receive an automatic e-mail as a confirmation of receipt of the application. Draft project proposals that are not submitted in the previously described way and by the specified deadline will not be considered.

Note: All potential applicants should register on the online grant management platform APPLY as soon as possible, in order to familiarize themselves with the conditions and technical settings of the application. The platform APPLY is available at the following link: Please save this link in your bookmarks if you intend to apply to USAID/INSPIRE Program grants now or in the future. Detailed instructions on the registration process can be found at:

We advise the applicants to read the text of the Call carefully before starting the application process and before submitting their project proposal.

The full text of the Call in PDF format is available at this link.