Tourists chose the best cheap destinations: Where is Sarajevo?

With the increase in prices, travel has become too expensive for many, so many tourists have turned to cheaper destinations.

So one Reddit user asked users what their best and worst budget destinations they’ve visited were.

Among the best destinations that Reddit users consider cheap are: Poland, Japan, Portugal, Argentina, Southeast Asian countries, but also some destinations near us, reports Index.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina! I got a private room in a hostel for $24 a night. I could also find decent and cheap food, or I would cook if I was tired of restaurants. Lots of fascinating history and culture. And it’s different from the rest of Europe since it has a strong Muslim influence,”  enthuses one user about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“A very beautiful and very accessible country, and Sarajevo is an incredible city with a very unique atmosphere, I would say,”  another user agreed with him. Another user was delighted by Albania.  “You get the same coastline as in Montenegro, but without Montenegrin prices,”  he explained his choice.

The third is enthusiastic about the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

“Slovakia and Budapest! “Both are fairly cheap to travel (Bratislava is cheaper than Budapest), and both have enough interesting things to keep you busy for a few days,”  the user said.

“Budapest is one of the best cities in Europe (only the food is mediocre), and it offers so much for so much less than most of the most beautiful capitals in Europe,”  another user agreed. Some, on the other hand, mentioned the entire Balkans as an ideal cheap destination. “Incredible culture, landscape, people, and it’s so affordable,”  stated one user.

It is interesting that some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Denmark’s Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, Los Angeles and Greece’s Santorini, are among the worst, and Reddit users consider them to be too expensive for what they offer.

“Santorini is too expensive for what it offers. You can get the same white buildings with blue roofs in other Cycladic islands for a lot less money (and a lot less tourists). The rest of Greece, apart from Mykonos, is good value for your money,”  one user rated the popular Greek destination.