Tourist boom in Herzegovina: A record season is expected

According to data, the tourist season in Bosnia and Herzegovina could set new records. This is especially visible in Herzegovina, which is already experiencing crowds at popular tourist destinations. And there are no rules. Our country is visited by tourists from all over the world. The recent decision on new tourist tax prices for certain municipalities and cities also contributed to this, all with the aim of attracting guests beyond the summer season.

Herzegovina, as a favorite summer destination for many, breaks attendance records year after year. The sea and mountains are close by, so guests are offered a wide range of activities. The recent decisions on the prices of the residence tax adopted by the Government of this canton are in favor of tourist visits.

“Under those numbers of tourists, that is, according to that part of the season, the highest tourist tax was determined. Outside of that main season, smaller tourist taxes are set, which are calculated so that people, that is, businessmen in the tourism sector, can lower their prices compared to those in the main tourist season, and in order to attract an increasing number of tourists outside of that main season as well.” ,  explains Emil Balavac, Minister of Tourism and Environmental Protection of the Croatian National Assembly (SDP).

Municipalities such as Neum, Međugorje and the like fall under this decision because there are periodic arrivals of guests, while in Mostar and some other municipalities the main season lasts throughout the year. This is confirmed by pictures from the Old Town of Mostar.

They expect a record season in Neum as well. Data from the local tourist board indicate an excellent pre-season, which is why expectations are high for these summer months as well.

“It is expected, especially in the peak season, in the seventh and eighth months, that everything will be filled, and the postseason itself has good reservations,”  says Mato Matuško, president of the Neum Tourist Board.

Tourist workers in Mostar are also satisfied with the tourist season. Reservations are coming in from all over, which also affects the appearance of an increasing number of tourist guides in the city. Amela Stovrag got involved in tourism two years ago and in addition to her primary job as a special education teacher, she now takes tourists, mostly from Latin America.

“Usually, we enter the Old Town from the Franciscan Church through the traffic lights on Bulevar, Šemovac and near Oskar. We visit Kriva ćuprija, Tabačica, Stari most. They are delighted, especially when they are Herzegovina tours and have the opportunity to see Blagaj and Počitelj. To really see that we are a country rich in culture and history,”  she says.

Other tourist places in Herzegovina also announce an excellent season, and the number of passengers at the Mostar airport, we have been confirmed, is growing day by day. In recent years, a lot has been invested in rural tourism, so there is an increasing demand for renting accommodation outside the city crowds.