The “Sarajevo Cener” race was held

Today, the fifth consecutive edition of the most attractive and energetic race “Sarajevo Cener” was held in Sarajevo.

The route that passes through the most beautiful parts of the city from Sarajevo City Hall to Marijin Dvor was run by a large number of male and female runners who successfully finished the popular ‘Sarajevo Cener’ race and the ‘5K team run’, a five-kilometer team race.

Stenli Kipruto won first place in the 10-kilometer race in the men’s category, Dzuro Borbelj took second place, and Belmin Mrkanovic took third place, while Uros Gutic and Ante Pokrajlic won fourth and fifth place.

When it comes to the women’s category, also on the 10-kilometer section, the first place was won by Olivera Jevtic, the second was Sladjana Stamenkovic, and the third place was won by Lara Hofman, while the fourth and fifth places were won by Alma Hrnjic and Amela Trozic.

In the men’s team category, Team Greenwich was the best, in the women’s category, the first place was taken by the Capital runner team, while in the mixed team, the first place went to the AtlantBH team.

The aforementioned races were organized by the Sarajevo association NGO Marathon Sarajevo, which is BiH leader in the organization of sports events.

The fifth edition of the popular race “Sarajevo cener” will also be remembered for the award “Good person”.

The proud owner of the plaque, the runner who collected the largest amount of money for humanitarian purposes through the system of selling kilometers, is Jasmin Ligata. “I would like to thank my friends who, with their donations, helped me sell the largest number of kilometers run for humanitarian purposes. Without them, I would not be a human being that I am today. This recognition is actually a symbol of friendship and bond between the good people we have on every corner. For me, this recognition obliges me to persevere in the path of good, together with my friends and colleagues from the Association” – said Jasmin Ligata on this occasion.

In cooperation with the Foundation for Support and Development of Mentoring “Older Brother, Older Sister” and the Association, participants and racing teams sold the kilometers run for two goals:

· Fund “Sami Camdzic for a happy childhood” – financial support for children who do not have the opportunity to develop their talents and interests, and realize their potential.

· Financial support for the costs of joint activities of 20 volunteers of the “Older Brother, Older Sister” Foundation who work diligently with children – the costs cover a period of one year.

After the race, the participants and visitors were entertained by the popular duo Drumjay & Bongox, the Sarajevo Drum Orchestra and Sarajevo violinist Sanja Manov. More information about the event itself is available at the following link:

We are grateful for the media support so far, which is immeasurably important for the visibility and successful work of the NGO Marathon Association.

For more information, please contact: Ena Tahirovic, PR, Association NGO Marathon,

Contact phone: +387 62 998 719

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