The Municipality of Novi Grad donated 50,000 KM to help the people of Palestine

The Mayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendić, hosted the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rezeq Namoor, in his office today.

The reason for the meeting was one of the donations from the Municipality of Novi Grad in the amount of 50,000 KM, which was sent through the Embassy of Palestine in BiH for humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

At the meeting, the events in the Gaza Strip were discussed, and it was pointed out that humanity does not remember such brutality and such crimes as are committed against the civilian, innocent population of the Gaza Strip, against children, wounded, sick, where people starve to the limit of human endurance. and where they are prevented from being treated, hospitals and all possible infrastructure necessary for life are destroyed.

“It is incredible what kind of world we live in and that it is possible in this, as we call it, the “developed world”, where civilization is at a high level of communication and awareness, that such crimes are taking place in front of the whole world. This is a fact that must concern all of us who live on planet earth. It is difficult to find the right words for all that is happening in Gaza. For our part, we provide a type of both moral and material support, and we have made ourselves available to organize actions to collect food items that the population currently needs the most in the coming period. We want to support the Palestinian people to endure all this, to stay in their country, to wait for freedom one day and to live freely in their country” , said Chief Efendić.

The inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina also experienced a siege and difficult conditions in the city of Sarajevo some time ago, but hardly anything can be compared to what is happening now in Gaza. The brutal attacks on the civilian population continue, attacks are announced on Rafah, the southern part of Gaza, which now has about 1.5 million inhabitants. With all that is happening in Gaza, the only thing we can do is support the Palestinian people in these difficult times.

Support for the people of Gaza has recently gone from Novigrad schools, humanitarian bazaars have been organized, and the collected money has been directed to the Palestinian population.

Mayor Efendić points out that it is a matter of pride to have a population that has empathy and a need to help, especially when it is done by organizations and institutions such as schools that have been involved in various humanitarian actions and aid, and adds that the Municipality will directly, but also in cooperation with humanitarian organizations, be and still involved in actions to collect aid for the people of Gaza.

Ambassador Namoor pointed out that everything that is happening in Gaza is happening before the eyes of the whole world, ethnic cleansing, killing and displacement of the population is happening.

“Allow me to thank my close and dear friend, Chief Semir Efendić. I want to say that it was an honor for me to respond to the invitation and visit the chief in his office. Also, I had the opportunity to introduce him to the latest developments in the Gaza Strip, just as Mr. Mayor introduced me to the efforts of this Municipality to provide assistance to the population in the Gaza Strip, so I am truly grateful to the Municipality of Novi Grad, Mayor Efendić and all the citizens of the municipality . Also, I want to repeat that we are grateful to all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who provided their help in different ways, by sending financial aid, but also by prayers” , said Ambassador Namoor.

He added that despite the tragedy that is happening to the Palestinian people, some of the happy moments are invitations to attend humanitarian bazaars organized by children in schools, separating from their pocket money to help their peers in Palestine. So, they collect humanitarian aid together with their parents and the school, these are truly efforts that we will never forget ,” said Ambassador Namoor.