The competition for the awarding of the ‘Nino Ćatić’ journalist award has been announced

The competition for the awarding of the “Nino Ćatić” journalist award, whose theme this year is “International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Genocide in Srebrenica – a new chance for catharsis and civilizational achievement!”, opened on Monday, June 10 in five categories, and will run until June 30. June, all journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region can apply.

The initiators of the idea for awarding the “Nino Ćatić” journalist award are  Emina Hodžić and Dino Durmić .

“This year, for the fifth time, we will award journalistic awards named after Nihad Nina Ćatić, a journalist from Srebrenica. We are really proud, and in the end it is an even greater responsibility and obligation, considering that the award is gaining in importance year after year. This year too, we expect a large number of applications, both from our country and from the region.  It is our duty to write, record and talk about Srebrenica “, Emina Hodžić said today at the press conference in the premises of the Srebrenica Memorial Center – Potočari.

The adopted resolution in the UN, as she pointed out, sends an ever clearer message to those who deny genocide and to those who celebrate and glorify war crimes and criminals.

“It is important that the truth is positioned as it deserves, and as it is only  appropriate and fair to life and the conscience of the world . It emphasizes the importance of completing the process of finding and identifying the remaining victims of the genocide in Srebrenica and giving them a dignified burial, and calls for the continuation of the prosecution of those perpetrators of the genocide in Srebrenica who have yet to face justice,” Hodžić emphasized.

The prizes will be awarded, as in previous years, in the following categories:  Radio report  – plaque and cash prize,  Television report  (up to six minutes) – plaque and cash prize,  Written text  (newspaper, web) – plaque and cash prize,  Blog/ vlog  – plaque and cash prize and  Photography  – plaque and cash prize.

The winners of the ” Nino Ćatić ” journalist award will be decided by journalists who have been objectively and professionally reporting on Srebrenica and the genocide against Bosniaks for many years, namely:  Almasa Hadžić, Marko Divković and Marinko Sekulić . professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences UNSA Šaćir Filandra and Croatian journalist and editor Denis Latin.

The awarding ceremony is organized with the patronage of the members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Denis Bećirović and Željko Komšić , the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, and with the support of Federal Television, BH Post, the City of Tuzla, the Government of Tuzla Canton, the Organizing Committee for the 29th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, Memorial Center Srebrenica – Potočari, and with the consent of Nina Ćatić’s mother, Hajra Ćatić, who unfortunately passed away.

As Dino Durmić said,  journalists can send one contribution each , a text that will be included in the selection for awarding the award.

In addition to the main awards, special awards will be given to journalists/reporters from media companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina who have contributed to the truth about Srebrenica being presented throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the world, and this will be decided by the members of the ” Being a Journalist ” Association and other journalists.

The prize will be awarded on July 10 at the Srebrenica Memorial Center – Potočari, on the date when journalist Nino Ćatić last reported from Srebrenica to the Radio-Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina program.

Member of the organizing committee of the awarding of the “Nihad Nino Ćatić” journalist award,  Adem Mehmedović  , said that the awarding was part of the official program to mark the anniversary of the genocide.

“It is important that the award is given in the Memorial Center. I must also point out that  Nino has not yet been found and identified , nor have more than a thousand other victims of the genocide. Nina’s mother Hajra did not wait to find her son. We must remind of Nina, of his words, which are a reminder to everyone,” Mehmedović said.

Nihad Nino Ćatić was a journalist from Srebrenica. His words and voice are remembered from the most dramatic days for Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war, he reported daily and informed the public about the suffering in this city.  The last time he called was on July 10, 1995 , begging desperately to help Srebrenica. He was last seen on July 11, 1995, after which all traces of him were lost.