Summer begins in Bosanska Krupa

We are pleased to announce the rich program of Summer in Bosanska Krupa, an exciting summer program overflowing with a diverse range of cultural, sports, tourist, entertainment and educational activities that everyone can enjoy. The summer in Bosanska Krupa started with the Rotary Canyon on the first of June and will last until the middle of August, and this lively program promises to make this summer unforgettable for both locals and visitors.

Summer in Bosanska Krupa is designed for all ages and interests, offering a rich range of events that showcase the best of our city’s culture, sports and natural beauty.

Already this week we have a real musical treat, the freshest festival in the region, Music Fest Zlatna Nit, which will bring together the top musical names of the world scene this weekend.

Through the program activities of June and July, you will be able to enjoy fantastic performances by theater groups, which will present boards that mean life several times to the Bosnian Krup audience this year.

From football, volleyball, cycling, jumping to fishing, join us at exciting sports tournaments and events, which will bring together athletes of all ages, and be a traditional supporter and fan at the Una boatmen, which, as in previous years, will awaken a breath of the past , boost Bosnian Krupa pride and offer another exciting race. Our Bosanskokrupska Una regatta will prepare a real summer treat this year, both for locals and all visitors. Already sold out and reserved until the last oar, the Bosanskokrupska Una regatta will attract a large number of tourists this year and make it a party to remember, and the Mostar Sevdah Reunion concert will definitely put a special note on the whole event. It is followed by the International Una Regatta, organized by the Una National Park, which ends right in our city and which also promises good fun. The island regatta, that is, the regatta to Bosanska Otoka, a Una delicacy that also attracts a huge number of participants, will be held at the beginning of August and we will be treated to a superb concert of Wild Strawberries.

Our program includes a series of music concerts and performances, as well as art exhibitions and sessions, which will guide us throughout the summer with notes of the beauty of music and art. Don’t worry, we have various activities that will offer a rich feast and delicious homemade products, and the summer program will end with a healthy and traditional Bosanskokrup honey fair, where you will be able to taste, buy and learn about homemade bee products and honey in general.

We invite you to join us in this summer manifestation of culture, sports, entertainment and the beauty of nature, the Summer in Bosanska Krupa program. Whether you want to enjoy live music, compete or enjoy sports activities, learn something new or simply have fun, Summer in Bosanska Krupa has an activity for you.

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