Srebrenica is threatened by an environmental disaster, fuel oil spilled in the Guber area

Danger of ecological disaster in Srebrenica. According to reports from local residents, the dangerous substance is leaking from the cisterns and threatens to destroy not only Banja Guber, but is also harmful to the health of the population whose houses are located in the immediate vicinity. It is assumed that it is fuel oil that comes from the old reservoirs of Argentaria, at the very entrance to the Guber area.

This problem was first noticed more than ten years ago. But with each more abundant rainfall, it is especially pronounced. Residents of Srebrenica and experts hope that the situation will be resolved, because Guber is the most popular picnic spot in Srebrenica.

“Several years ago, it was already happening and it stood like that for a long time as it poured out. It is a great pity, because Guber is our beautiful promenade. It is also surrounded by nature, people often go out for a walk, to enjoy themselves” , says Srebrenica resident Dejan Kolović.

“There is a large tank where fuel oil was brought in during construction. As the construction of the hotel was stopped, everything was abandoned. When there is more precipitation, water is poured into that pool and it displaces the fuel oil. Even though the Guber spa is not open, people pass by it every day to the Guber excursion site. It is very ugly to see this, you can smell the fuel oil, and there is also an impact on the ecosystem,”  says retired ecological inspector Ilijas Begić.

Black spots in the water were noticed by Civil Protection workers of Srebrenica at the end of June. There is a fear that harmful substances will end up in the river Križevica, which passes through the center of Srebrenica, and later through Bratunac.

“The inspectors will carry out sampling and determine what it is about and refer all of this to the Republic Environmental Inspector, who will act further. Our obligation was to register and to inform further competent services”,  says the head of the Department for Social Activities and Public Services, Adem Mehmedović.

We learned from the Zvornik Police Department that the case has been reported and that appropriate legal actions are being taken.