Small family companies can succeed in Bosnia and Herzegovina – these are two bright examples

Small family companies from the metal and wood processing industry are proof that hard work can lead to success.

The companies Perfect Welding from Bugojno and C.J. from Bihać, during the past year, we had the opportunity to meet through the USAID Diaspora Invest project.

Last year, the company from Bugojan had revenues of 1,628,354 KM and a profit of 311,146 KM. The company employs 18 workers. It was started by Nedžad Šečibović with a friend after 26 years spent in Austria.

He and his business partner built the company Perfect Welding from scratch, and it was also supported through the USAID project “Diaspora Invest” in the procurement of equipment and machines.

– It is extremely important to encourage our people to invest and return. I know what’s there, I know what’s here. I would probably long to go there too. People leave, houses are renovated, but you have the feeling that you are a slave to it all. Life here is simpler, you have the opportunity to build something of your own. It’s worth trying everything, but it’s nice to be back in your own area. It is also important that through these investments we help new generations to think about staying here – says Šečibović.

C.J. from Bihać is the business of the Čavkić family, and the roots of their company go back to the eighties, when the family founded a woodworking business. Brothers Fadil and Denis worked with their father as children, so the spirit of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship was passed on to them. Today, their names stand behind the company Č.J. which is one of the leaders of the metal sector in the city of Bihać and the region.

Denis says that their key goal was to show and prove to others that success can be achieved through hard work, without corruption and injustice. Most of the work is related to the market in Austria. Denis believes in connecting with Bosnia and Herzegovina. diaspora, which is why that company also became part of the mentoring and knowledge transfer process with experts from the Bosnian business community outside. In cooperation with the USAID “Diaspora Invest” project, they connected with intermediaries for exports from the diaspora.

– You have to develop a strategy, transfer operational activities to individual actors and ensure trust in the people here. Today, people in our sector understand that we must be desirable employers, places where young people will recognize the opportunity to learn and progress – said Čavkić.

Last year, the company had revenues of 10,251,153 KM and a profit of 271,042 KM, and during that time it employed 96 workers.