Second public call for applications – local environmental actions

As part of the three-year project “Think Nature” implemented by the Centre for Civil Society Promotion (CPCD) with the support of Sweden, the Association of Citizens Fojničani (UGF), in cooperation with the municipalities of Maglaj, Usora, Zavidovići and Žepče, announces:

Second public call for applications – local environmental actions

The call is open for municipalities part of the “Eko HUB Maglaj”. Out of a total of three, public calls during the 27 months of implementation of the project “Eco HUB Maglaj”, support is planned in equipment and materials, including food and refreshments, worth up to 500 BAM per environmental action, for at least 8 environmental actions. The actions will be realized by local volunteers, while the procurement of equipment, materials, food and refreshments will be realized by UGF.

Applications should include environmental actions that will benefit the local community and will mobilize citizens, especially young people, through volunteer work on landscaping and nature protection. Thus, the basic criteria for selecting the best applications will be the degree of benefit of the action for the local community, the reality of the proposed action or the necessary equipment and materials, the number of volunteers involved and the sustainability of the results of the action.

Registered non-political and non-governmental organizations, including citizens’ associations, sports clubs and cultural associations, as well as local communities and informal groups of citizens from the municipalities where Eko HUB Maglaj (Maglaj, Usora, Zavidovići and Žepče) operate, have the right to apply for this call. Each applicant is obliged to ensure the participation of at least 10 volunteers for their action.

Organizations or informal groups of citizens that have the best proposed actions and are selected in the shortlist are obliged to provide UGF with a possible additional assessment of the proposed action, or organization or group of citizens that will be carried out at the site of the planned action. Only organizations or groups of citizens who successfully pass this assessment process can receive support for the implementation of their action. An important novelty in this round of the public call is that the applications can be supported in a much higher value if the field commission assesses that this is a local environmental initiative that has a special potential and significance.

In case the holder of the approved action is an informal group of citizens, it is obligatory to donate the purchased equipment to the local organization or institution after the end of the action. The leaders of the selected actions are obliged to participate in a one-day training which, like the action itself, will be realized in accordance with the epidemiological measures. Applications for local environmental actions are submitted exclusively by filling out the form at:

The deadline for submitting proposals for local environmental actions is February 14, 2021, until midnight. Incorrect, untimely or incomplete applications will not be considered.

For any additional questions please contact UGF and Eko HUB Maglaj by phone 063/029-966 or e-mail: