Sarajevo students on a humanitarian mission: Once again, they showed a big heart and handed aid to Srebrenica families

Yesterday, a group of students from the Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies visited the Potočari and Srebrenica Memorial Center.

Eleven students led by Adin Fazlagić visited MC Potočari where they laid flowers and paid tribute to the victims killed in the genocide in Srebrenica. With this, they once again said that the genocide in Srebrenica must not be forgotten, and that it is necessary to remember what happened in July 1995, so that such evil would never happen again to anyone.

After the Memorial Center, the students also visited two families from Srebrenica, Mujkić and Ikanović. In their humane mission, and considering that these families are in a difficult financial situation, they decided to give scholarships of 1,000 KM each to the children of vulnerable families. They also gave the Mujkić family an aid of 300 KM, considering that no one in this family is currently employed. Velid returned to Srebrenica in 2002, and he is seriously ill with cancer and receiving very expensive therapies. His son Mevludin was the only employee, and he was working at a sawmill, when returning from work he had a serious traffic accident, after which he was seriously injured, and is unable to do anything.

Velid and his family need wood, and the children need wardrobes. This family of seven currently has no income. The oldest child, a girl, is three years old, and the youngest, a 10-month-old boy.

The Ikanović family is among the first families to return to Srebrenica, where they live with three minor children. Maid (10), Maida and Sulejman (13). Tima’s grandmother is seriously ill, and they live in a renovated house that was badly damaged after the fire.

The students of the FKKS sent an appeal to help these families as much as possible, and to continue such and similar actions in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the returnees.

The original creators of this humane project are the students of the FKKS, who told our portal that they will continue to provide support to the returnees to Srebrenica.

– We will never leave Srebrenica and its people alone. This is our first project and God willing we will continue to work and help. All the financial resources that we handed over were gathered by about 40 students of our faculty,  said student Adin Fazlagić for .

As they said, with this example they want to encourage other faculties and other students to join and organize similar actions.

Also, the students of the Faculty of Criminology, Criminology and Security Studies thanked the Association “Svjetlo” for the provided information, which operates in the Podrinje area.