Sarajevo Airport exceeded half a million passengers in five months, the best year is smiling on them

Sarajevo International Airport records its best results. Although the goals are as many passengers as possible and as many direct lines as possible, this year promises records.

Namely, the airport in Sarajevo had 151,252 passengers in May, which is an increase of more than 30 percent compared to May 2023. At that time, 115,976 passengers passed through the Sarajevo airport. During the summer months, new records are expected to be set due to the tourist season.

Last year, Sarajevo Airport had the most passengers in August, when 208,570 were recorded.

When it comes to 2024, 77,454 passengers passed through Sarajevo airport in January, 75,112 in February, 82,926 in March, 133,822 in April and 151,152 in May. A total of 520,466 passengers have passed through the airport in Sarajevo so far. In the same period, 5,379 air operations were performed at the Sarajevo airport.

If this trend continues in June of this year, Sarajevo International Airport will, in the first half of 2024, have a larger number of passengers than there were in the whole of 2014.

Let us remind you that last year 1.36 million passengers passed through Sarajevo airport, and this year it is expected to exceed that number.

From the airport in Sarajevo, about twenty planes take off daily for numerous destinations. In addition to regular lines, there are new seasonal lines from Milan, Brussels, London, Warsaw and cities in Greece and so on.