Napredko’s exhibition “Stećci – UNESCO World Heritage” on May 3 in Sarajevo

The exhibition “Stećci – UNESCO World Heritage” will be opened on May 3 in the “MAK” Gallery of the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, organized by the Central Administration of the HQ Napredak and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton, and as part of the program of the event ” Sarajevo Canton Days”.

It is a mobile exhibition that will present artistic photographs of stećak from the localities under the protection of UNESCO in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

All photos are accompanied by detailed textual explanations, in Croatian and English, including a description of the area where the stećak was photographed and details about the monument itself.

This project, which was designed and prepared by Miroslav Landeka, vice-president of HKD Napredak, affirms international and cross-border cooperation, cultural connection, promotes common cultural heritage and aims to strengthen and encourage further joint cooperation and as such received the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation BiH.

Historian and archaeologist Ante Vujnović, director of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will speak about the exhibition.

The main goal of the exhibition is to present the stećak to the audience in Sarajevo and to everyone who appreciates this extremely valuable cultural treasure, which has been recognized by UNESCO, announced from HKD Napredak.

The exhibition will be opened at 19:00.