More than 550 books collected for the library of the elementary school “Đorđo Panzalović” in Osinja

The Čitalići team was awarded 3,000 BAM through the 3rd eUPSHIFT workshop

Through participation in the 3rd eUPSHIFT workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the team Čitalići from Osinje received a grant of 3,000 BAM for the renovation and equipping of the school library in the elementary school “Đorđo Panzalović” in Osinja. With the support of the staff of their school, Katarina Nedić, Savo Adžić, Andrej Tadić, Manuela Todorić and Nataša Adžić equipped their school library with new shelves and collected more than 550 books!

The 3rd eUPSHIFT workshop in BiH was realized by the organization “Genesis Project” from Banja Luka in partnership with UNICEF in BiH, with the financial support of the Kingdom of Sweden. “Thank you for recognizing the sincere desire of our students to change the world around them. By equipping the school library, the educational work in this institution has been improved, and the working conditions have also been improved.” said Željko Stjepanović, director of the elementary school “Đorđo Panzalović”.

Equipping the school library in the elementary school “Đorđo Panzalović” in Osinja was supported by: National Library “Branko Radičević” and its readers, Derventa, PI Vocational and Technical School, Derventa, with its students, Perpetuum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development, Office of the High Representative (OHR), “St. Josip ”Bihać, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka, Dental Practice 3T Dent Banja Luka, American Corner Banja Luka, IN Foundation – Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion of Children and Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina (INF), Sladaboni d.o.o. (Kultura Bookstore), the Center for the Environment and many people with a big heart who donated their books to students in Osinja.

Thank you for helping us to equip and renovate the school library in the elementary school” Đorđo Panzalović ” in Osinja, which will make childhood and school days better, not only for our friends, but also for future generations of our school. While working on this project, we learned that we, young people, can do so much to improve our communities and that there are always good people who are willing to help. You helped us make our dreams come true.” said young people from the team Čitalići.

Ana Đurđević, librarian of the elementary school “Đorđo Panzalović”, worked every day with a team of students in her school and provided them with support to achieve their goal. “Love of reading is the most beautiful gift we can give children, a gift that will always excite them, tickle their imagination, develop creativity, arouse different emotions and allow them to find their way in life. Thank you for your donation to the students of PI Elementary School “Đorđo Panzalović” in Osinje to enter the magical world of books and reading.” said Ana.

Čitalići’s invitation to donate books to their school library is still open and can be found at the following link:

All information about the UPSHIFT workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found on the website, as well as on social media networks:

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