More than 100,000 tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in March

During March 2024, Bosnia and Herzegovina was visited by a total of 100,540 tourists, according to data from the entity’s statistical offices.

In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 67,315 tourist arrivals were recorded, which is 2.1 percent more than in March 2023. Compared to February of this year, a jump of 9.1 percent was recorded.

The total number of overnight stays by tourists in March 2024 in FBiH was 129,408, which is 3.1 percent more compared to March 2023, while compared to February 2024, it was 8.2 percent higher. The share of domestic tourists in the total number of overnight stays was 29.8 percent, and foreign tourists 70.2 percent.

According to the data of the Statistical Office of the RS, 33,215 tourists stayed in the Republika Srpska entity. This figure represents a jump of 4.9 percent compared to February, but also a drop of 2.5 percent compared to March 2023.

There were 85,238 tourist overnight stays, which is 4.1 percent less than in February 2024.

Of the total number of tourists in March 2024 in the RS, 15,466 were domestic and 17,749 foreign tourists. The number of domestic tourist arrivals in March was lower by 3.8 percent compared to the same month last year, while the number of foreign tourist arrivals was lower by 1.4 percent.