Iranian activists in Mostar: Flag for Palestine, March for Srebrenica

Civil activists from Iran placed a huge Palestinian   flag  on the Old Bridge in   Mostar on Saturday, July 6,  with cries of “Freedom for Palestine”, demonstrating their support for the people of Gaza at a time of escalating conflict.

The visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina  was an opportunity for them to join the traditional Peace March,  commemorating  the 29th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica.

 The flag  attracted the attention of   Mostar citizens  and tourists, while activists pointed out the parallels between the crimes in  Srebrenica three decades ago and the current events in Gaza.  They said that it is important to remember the suffering and seek justice, in order to prevent future crimes.

Motaz Azaiza, a famous Palestinian photographer and activist  who left Gaza because of the genocide, and the famous  Croatian adventurer  and human  rights fighter Kristijan Iličić expressed their support  on  social networks, under the post of the IG station   mostar .visuals. Watch the video and this wonderful gesture of the activist.

 Watch the Mostar  Visuals  video  HERE