Ines Kavalec, Sedina Muhibić and Arijana Memić: Brave women on the cover of Bosnia and Herzegovina. magazine Gracija

Like every December in Bosnia and Herzegovina. magazine for contemporary women Gracija sends a special and important message to its audience with its New Year’s cover.

On the cover of Gracija this time there are three women:  Ines Kavalec, Sedina Muhibić  and  Arijana Memić  , who are honored for their courage and bring real life problems, which Gracija’s interlocutors are dealing with, into focus. Just like years before, when they brought special stories to the media space with their New Year’s covers.

Let’s just remember that great front page with  Martina Mlinarević , a touching story about refugees from Syria, nurse  Arijana Karić  who marked the end of the 2020 pandemic year in Gracia.

Empathetic media activity, activism, socially responsible vision, these are all attributes by which Gracija became recognizable. This year, they decided to return to one of their traditions, after a seven-year hiatus: the New Year’s Eve party, which gathered a large number of dignitaries from the public life of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Coloseum club in Sarajevo.

“It is an honor to stand on this stage tonight, but also an obligation, knowing that I have such a small but strong team in front of me, who decided to make our New Year’s number and invite you, after a seven-year break, to our New Year’s party,” she told the audience.  Belma Pećanin , director of Gracija magazine.

The former editor-in-chief and current columnist Gracije, writer and journalist  Ozren Kebo , DTP editor and the man in charge of the visual appearance of the magazine  Mensur Muzurović, Almir Tahirović  from marketing, associate and author of the column “Old to Gold” were on stage with her. ”, T amara Mayer-Schober , activist and freelance journalist  Kristina Ljevak , coordinator for social networks  Ena Tahirović , photographer  Nikola Blagojević , and editor-in-chief Gracija  Mersiha Drinjaković,  who also addressed the audience, saying with what dedication her team works on each issue , especially on this capital, New Year’s.

“In this edition of Gracija, you will meet really great people. We decided that the tone of the cover should be realism: a difficult life, terrible trials, but again with hope, with the strength of those who live it. Ines Kavalec, Arijana Memic and Sedina Muhibić entrusted us with their life stories. And for that I am grateful. With all the adversities that have passed and are passing, responding to our call, going through your painful experiences once again, reminding yourself of life’s dramas, that is huge for me. And thank you, my dear Ines, Arijana and Sedina, for agreeing to be our cover faces”.

At the end of the party, which exuded good energy and emotions, a humanitarian raffle was held with valuable prizes, and the collected funds were paid to the “Give us a chance” association, which was founded by Ines Kavalec, one of the faces of New Year’s Gracia.

Gracija magazine is very grateful to its sponsors and business friends, without whom the meeting at the Coloseum would not be possible, first of all to Bh Telecom, and certainly to the companies Philip Morris, Adriatic Metals, Alma Ras, Glovo, Sparkasse banka, and Casa di Campara. The emotional night at the Coloseum included a large prize fund, and all guests were sent home with special gifts.

To conclude, Gracija, as a very specific and socially responsible media, still remains on the same path: to tell stories about people who inspire us all and remind us again and again of Bosnia and Herzegovina. society can always do better and differently. Colleagues, good luck in the new year!