Iftars will be organized for students living in student dormitory in Tuzla

Illustration: Envato

The Student Center of the University of Tuzla will organize iftars for students living in student dormitory (SD).

At the initiative of US STUDENJAK, the UNTZ Student Center will organize iftars for SD tenant students. They will not be organized as before due to the epidemiological measures in force.

Delivery will be made for iftars, i.e., members of US STUDENJAK will be in charge of timely delivery of iftars in all three pavilions of SD, as well as to pick up the buns in the Ljubača bakery to keep them fresh.

When taking the iftar, students are required to register for the next day with the responsible persons in the pavilions of the SD.

Contact persons:

  • Pavilion l – Moulay Mehdi El Idrissi

(Iftars will be delivered in the room US STUDENJAK- l floor)

  • Pavilion ll – Emina Duranović

(Iftars will be delivered in classroom – ground floor)

  • Pavilion lll – Azur Mujkanović

(Iftars will be delivered in Student Club – ground floor)

Students who live in private accommodation and use the services of SD restaurants can register for iftars by contacting our colleague Selmir Duraković.

 – What we had to do was to finance the delivery of buns and delivery containers ourselves, for which we had to set aside about 20-30 pfennigs for each iftar. However, for the first 1000 pieces of containers, we received a donation from a doctor who was our student and wished to remain anonymous. The delivery of the buns was promised by a colleague and fellow tenants of Pavilion lll, who also wish to remain anonymous, the Student Center representatives wrote on the FB page.

We would like to thank all the donors on behalf of the Student Center students.

 – We hope that we will be able to fund the rest of our costs, and that we will not have the need to raise funds from students. Also, we ask for your understanding for unintentional mistakes in the first couple of days, considering that this is a new model of iftar delivery and organization, they added.

For all suggestions and comments, please contact us by email: us.studenjak@gmail.com


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