Humanitarian actions: Students from Mostar donated blood

Blood is the only preparation for which modern medicine has not found a pandemonium, so in case of illness, its deficiency can only be replaced by a dose of blood.

The Student Center of the University of Mostar, in cooperation with the Transfusion Department of the SKB Mostar, organized blood donation.

35 students and employees of SCM responded to the voluntary blood donation campaign in the Student Center Mostar, but due to various medical reasons, 20 people could donate blood.

dr. Martina Leovac from the Transfusion Center SKB Mostar thanked the donors and emphasized that they were very satisfied with the action, writes .

–  This is certainly a commendable action. We need supplies so that patients in the hospital are not deprived and all blood types are welcome. Our hospital is progressing, every year there are new operations and therefore the need for blood doses is increasing , said Dr. Leovac.