Held Neretva MEDIA Regatta: “We take from nature, we return to nature”

KONJIC – Last weekend, the 9th Neretva MEDIA Regatta was held in the Džajić buk Rafting Center in Konjić under the slogan “We take from nature, we return to nature”.

This event, which has been organized by the Association of Citizens “Green River” for nine years, brought together numerous media houses and nature lovers, promoting the preservation of the environment and the tourist beauty of Konjica.

The organization of the event is supported by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the company Eko Život doo from Tuzla, which is actively engaged in environmental projects and the mediation of socially responsible programs for the improvement and advancement of the environment and life.

In addition, we would like to thank the friends of the Regatta, the companies JP BH Pošta, the meat industry Madi doo from Tešnj and the Cafe Brazil brand.

Citizens’ Association “Green River” was founded in 2011 in Konjic with the aim of protecting the environment, especially the water bodies of this area.

He is actively working to maintain the natural balance of the flora and fauna of the Neretva River, Lake Borački, Lake Jablanica, as well as the mountainous parts of the municipality of Konjic.

One of the most important projects of the Association is the organization of the traditional Neretva MEDIA Regatta, which promotes rafting on the Neretva River, draws attention to problems related to the Neretva, and introduces the public to the tourist offer of Konjic and local companies.

The main goals of the Regatta are to point out the importance of preserving the environment through various activities, especially in the last 2 years when the construction of mini hydropower plants on the Neretva River has intensified.

In addition, one of the goals is certainly the promotion of the tourist attractions of Konjica as a tourist destination.

This year, the 9th Neretva MEDIA Regatta gathered 49 participants from 23 media companies throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, including TV and radio stations, representatives of print media and online portals. Over the past eight years, over 80 media from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region have participated in this event.

This year’s novelty was the organization of non-competitive rafting, enabling participants to enjoy the beauty of the Neretva River and its surroundings to the maximum. Also, a 600-meter long night rafting descent was introduced, which delighted everyone present and plans to keep it as a traditional activity.

“Our slogan ‘We take from nature, we return to nature’ reflects our commitment to the preservation of natural resources. We would like to thank all the participants and the media for their selfless support and work to preserve the natural beauty of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton,” said Nejla Ramović, a member of the organizing team.

We invite all participants, lovers of nature and adrenaline sports to support the work of our association and become members.

In this way, they can actively participate in all activities of the Association, including the annual cleaning of the Neretva River bed. Together we can take significant steps towards preserving our nature and creating a sustainable future.

You can find more information about membership on the website www.zelenarijeka.ba.

We are looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of the 10th Neretva MEDIA Regatta next year, when we will once again host numerous media houses and nature lovers.

Source: nezavisne.com