Have you heard of Mostarska Bijela? A mysterious wonder of nature that you must see

The natural resources of our country are numerous, many of which have long been known around the world. However, there are hidden wonders of nature that hardly any Bosnian and Herzegovinian knows about. One of these localities is Mostarska Bijela.

Mostarska Bijela is a canyon of the river Bijela, a short river in the karst area located between Jablanica and Mostar, in the town of Bijela.

Bijela springs on the southwestern slopes of the Prenj mountain, where it is called Gornja Bijela. It flows into the Neretva near the town of Bijela in the area of ​​Donja Drežnica, which is why the canyon got the name Mostarska Bijela.

Mostarska Bijela forms a unique karst geological form that resembles an underground river with a semi-subterranean flow. What is specific here is that the roof part of the cave is open to the surface in the form of a very narrow opening and therefore only a small amount of light reaches the cave’s river flow.

Bijela occasionally sinks and springs, and its course is a preserved and almost untouched natural asset. The canyon of this Herzegovinian river is of great hydrological and geological importance.

Although it is difficult to pass, the passage is still possible and that is why it is very attractive to tourists and mountaineers and interesting to speleologists. Clean and drinkable water flowing through untouched nature attracts the attention of nature lovers and adventurers.

If you want to visit the last, most fascinating point of this natural wonder, i.e. get to the waterfall, you will have to go through an approximately eighty meter long cave, and all the time extremely cold water flows below you.

Source: klix.ba