Happy Child = Happy Planet!

Volunteers of the Foundation Older Brother, Older Sister have prepared a creative campaign called “Grow the world into a (happy) child” which aims to provide funds to continue the socializing of children and volunteers in this project cycle, and to enabled gatherings for new mentoring pairs, both in Sarajevo and in other cities where the project is currently being implemented. In addition, with this campaign, we seek to encourage the general public to philanthropic activities and support youth volunteering.

Through this campaign, the Foundation’s volunteers created promotional badges, T-shirts and masks depicting the socializing of volunteers and children.

Currently, 110 children and the same number of volunteers in 6 cities in BiH are included in the Older Brother, Older Sister program. Through the friendly relationship between the volunteers and the child, the social skills of the children were strengthened, and success in school was increased, as well as in extracurricular activities. Through this project, children have the opportunity to visit the cinema, theater, various sports and cultural events that they cannot otherwise afford.

Therefore, we invite all companies, organizations, institutions, but also interested individuals to support the volunteers and children by donating to the Older Brother, Older Sister Fund.

For BiH citizens, donations can be paid to the Foundation’s bank account:

Account holder: Fondacija za podršku i razvoj mentorskih programa “Stariji brat, starija sestra”

Bank name: UniCredit bank d.d.

Bank account number: 3387302229533649

Purpose of payment: Donation to the SBSS Fund

For foreign payments, visit the GlobalGiving.org platform and find us under project number #50232.

For more information, contact us by e-mail: info@mentorstvo.ba or by phone (viber) +387 62 959 186, and you can also contact us in the inbox on our social network page.

By donating to the SBSS fund, you are helping children in need to get the support and mentorship of an older sibling!