GAL: Artcamp: art, workshops, mentorship, oh my!

Participate in GAL: Artcamp – from workshops in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, through top mentors, to the chance to participate in building a safer internet!

Apply for Girls Advance Lab Artcamp!


The offer is very simple – we are looking for artists, graphic designers, actors, writers who want to tell stories and create works of art that will achieve one of these two goals:

  • To raise awareness among young people, both girls and boys, about ways to protect themselves from violence on the Internet
  • To inform the general public (parents, especially Gen Z) about the forms, risks and consequences of violence on the Internet
  • We will achieve these two goals together through the development of innovative, interesting and informative content using:
  • Video – Youtube, Reels, TitTok: you’re visual, you know that people have an ultra-short attention span and you understand that we need to produce things that are easy to watch, even easier to share and recommend to friends – how to explain to everyone in less than three minutes why violence against women on the Internet unacceptable?
  • Applied art – forum theater plays, flashmob events, street performances, murals, etc.: events that encourage deep reflection and about which for days we torment all the people we know because we are under the impression of what we saw – how to publicly talk about violence against women on internet in a way that will reach as many people as possible?

You need to:

  • Be a person who understands and uses art as a tool for social change
  • Have a general idea that you want to implement, but you lack technical support and advice from experienced mentors
  • Want to make a concrete contribution to the fight against violence on the Internet
  • A member of the community in order to apply for this opportunity

And we will provide you:

  • Support of renowned producers, cinematographers, scenographers and theater experts who will help you shape your idea
  • Technical support during the development of a series of works of art (access to equipment, experienced staff, consumables, etc.)
  • Two gatherings in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, where together we could hone your idea so that you could implement it
  • Public campaign to promote the best products created through GAL – as part of the global campaign 16 days to fight violence against women, UNFPA will promote GAL products across the country using traditional and social media, as well as public events.

Now that you have all the basic information – what is GAL anyway?

GAL (Laboratory for Girls) is a UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) program aimed at improving the position of girls and women in BiH society through the mobilization of talented young people with experience in volunteer work and organizing at the local community level, solving complex problems and launching specific initiatives aimed towards improving the lives of all citizens. In addition, we are looking for creative people, dreamers and all those who want to use art, culture and technology to improve the quality of life of girls and women.

Our vision is for GAL to become a recognizable platform for young people who together create a better future for girls and who bring about fundamental change by rethinking the classic ways of dealing with deep-rooted problems in our society.

We offer a support program for young people that starts with the joint development of conceptual ideas, and continues through concrete support to put those ideas into action – focusing on stopping violence against women and girls on the Internet.

GAL: artcamp – timeline

And what is there for you?

GAL: artcamp will provide:

  • The support of renowned producers, cinematographers, scenographers and theater experts who will help you shape your idea
  • Technical support during the development of a series of art works
  • Two meetings in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, so that together we can polish your idea so that you can put it into action
  • A public campaign that will promote the best products created through GAL: artcamp
  • Up to 15000 BAM directed towards the implementation of ideas (4 x 3750 BAM)

To submit an application, you must register here and fill out the application.

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