Free project “Recreation for the elderly”

The project called “Recreation for the elderly”, under the auspices of the Municipality of Centar, has been continuously held in FIS since April 11 of this year.

The trainings are intended for all citizens of the third age from the area of ​​this local community, and are held twice a week, namely:

· Tuesdays from 2 p.m

· Thursdays from 2.15 pm in FIS, at Mis Irbina Street 10.

As a reminder, free recreation for people of the third age, which is extremely important for them, is led by professors of physical and health education, and applications are made directly at the training.

– The project is of great importance for elderly people who need to take care of their health. The focus of attention is on the mobility of the locomotor apparatus, and during training, general and repetitive strength is worked on. I use the opportunity to invite all interested people of the third age to join us for trainings in the scheduled times that last 35 minutes, said Suad Jusić, one of the implementers of this project.

Trainings and exercises are adapted to the participants. The trainers are understanding towards everyone and if the participant is not able to do a certain exercise, there is always an adequate substitute for it. 

The organizers invite all senior citizens to join this project, which has many health benefits.

You can get all additional information related to the project via e-mail: .