Excellent success of students from Sarajevo at Građevinijada 2024

The construction event is a four-day competition for students on the level of knowledge in the field of construction and geodesy and various sports disciplines.

Organized by the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad from May 20 to 24, 2024, the 50th Student Construction Fair was held in the City of the Sun in Trebinje.

The construction event is a four-day competition of students on the level of knowledge in the field of construction and geodesy and various sports disciplines, divided into male and female categories. This year’s edition of the manifestation stands out as the most massive so far, with participants from eight different countries (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania), write  Vijesti.ba.

The competitive team of the UNSA Faculty of Civil Engineering (Šerif Baraković, Amar Borić and Amar Bardak) can boast of winning a bronze medal in concrete constructions, while in metal constructions they shared the third place with the team from Split. Looking at the results from the other six subjects, the students were fourth in geodesy and statics.

Men’s handball players consisting of Šerif Baraković, Bekir Džemidžić, Enis Karamuja, Muamer Berbić, Nino Lagumdžija, Faris Imamović, Amar Pleh, Faris Isak and Adi Halilović achieved great success by reaching the finals of the tournament, where they lost to the Belgrade team after a weak sevens performance. .

The men’s volleyball players (Muamer Berbić, Emir Kukuljac, Vekaz Mustafić, Bekir Džemidžić, Mirza Đono and Mirza Abaza) respectively kicked the teams of Subotica, Mostar and Banja Luka out of the tournament in the finals after an even fight, they were also worse than the team of Belgrade and finished in second place.

The entire organization of the trip required a lot of effort from the members of the Association of Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, who worked tirelessly for months in order to present their faculty as well as possible.

–  I would like to thank the management of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, professors, sponsors and our students who gave their best in this competition by competing in several disciplines. First of all, we used the trip to further strengthen ties with colleagues from other Faculties of Civil Engineering, which is the most important thing. A big thank you also goes to the team that participated with me in the organization of the trip, where there was a lot of work. This is an incentive for the further work of the Association, which is slowly but surely creating a beautiful story that will surely be progressively more successful, and I hope that it will again be as strong as before , said the president of the Student Association, Mirza Abaza.

–  We would like to thank the administration of our faculty, professors and sponsors who helped us to get our students to go and the results confirm that we are at the top of the construction industry in the Balkans in terms of the quality of knowledge. All students respected all agreements and contributed to a story like this, and therefore this organization was unique, which provides the opportunity for our students to be winners in the following years. The fact is that a couple of the best students of our faculty could not go with us for legitimate reasons, and we are aware of our quality. We are glad that we stood out among the 1300 students who participated here. At the moment, the association has an excellent structure, sound foundations for the future, and that would certainly not be possible without the support of our professors , said student vice-dean Borić Amar.

Source: studomat.ba