Everything is ready for the FeJS festival, Jahorina will be the center of the region for three days

Jahorina will, by all accounts, be the tourist center of the region in the coming days. Everything is ready for the most exciting summer on the Olympic beauty and a phenomenal festival, for which there is unprecedented interest.

FeJS Festival Summer Jahorina for the first time this year, organized by the Association of Hoteliers Jahorina and the Olympic Center Jahorina, prepared a lot of interesting content for its visitors.

“The festival is a beautiful event, primarily aimed at families, but also at people who want an active holiday in nature and individuals. We really cover a broad target group from the entire region. The festival will offer a wide range of attractions, including discounted accommodation, a wine, brandy and beer festival, a gastro festival and various entertainment activities, such as DJ parties and concerts, as well as a Family Zone. In addition, 40 participants will be able to directly present their products to a wide crowd of festival visitors,”  said Nemanja Vučetić, representative of Jahorina hoteliers.

The festival begins on Friday, June 28, with an interesting wine and brandy fest at the “Vučko” hotel, where a concert by young star Marija Mikić will be held on the same evening.

The organizers have prepared a full-day program for Saturday, June 29, which starts with a free gondola ride for hotel guests, then there will be guided walking tours, face painting for the youngest and a fun competition for families, who will have the opportunity to win a handful of interesting prizes. BEER FEST starts at 2 p.m. on the terrace of the “Koliba” restaurant with incredible craft breweries, as well as a performance by six DJs. Alexander de Funk, DJ MEX, Dizzy Dee, Calkins, NA2 and RYO will heat up the atmosphere and entertain visitors until the evening.

After the DJ party, Maja Jevtić, finalist of Zvezda granda, will hold a concert in the hotel “Lavina”. On Sunday, June 30, guests have the opportunity to sweeten the weekend at the gastronomic festival in the Rajska vrata restaurant or to visit the Ravna Planina Ski Center, try a gondola ride and visit the newest Dino Park.

“The interest is great, the hotels are almost completely sold out, so if you are still thinking about where to spend the upcoming weekend, Jahorina and FeJS fest are the right choice. Hurry while there are still places. And finally, free rides are organized for day guests, with departures from Sarajevo, so that all those who do not want to drive or do not have a car, can use one of the lines in front of the National Museum in Sarajevo during the three days of the FeJS festival. Awesome, isn’t it! See you at FeJS”,  said Vučetić.

The official opening of the FeJS festival is scheduled for Friday at 5 p.m., when, after the promotional video “Summer on top of the world”, Aleksandar Prović, president of the Association of Hoteliers Jahorina, director of the Olympic Center Jahorina Dejan Ljevnaić, minister of trade and tourism, will address the guests and journalists present. Republika Srpska Denis Šulić, mayor of East Sarajevo Ljubiša Ćosić, director of the East Sarajevo Tourism Organization Igor Ikonić, Feđa Begović, director of USAID Tourism, and blogger Robert Dacešin.


Source: akta.ba