Enes Pandžić from Gradačac sells about six tons of sour cherries on the domestic market annually

Longtime fruit grower Enes Pandžić from Kamberi near Gradačac owns a cherry plantation on 12 dunums of land. He built the orchard in 2000 and currently has around 1,800 cherry seedlings.

Pandžić has rich experience in fruit growing, and he sells about six tons of sour cherries annually.

– The job is demanding if you don’t have the knowledge, I have everything necessary for growing cherries. And every day there is work for those who want to work. I have regular customers who come from Žepče and Banovići, and other places. I am very satisfied with the sale and I have not changed the selling price for some time. It will be the same this year – he says for Fena Pandžić.

He states that the highest costs are incurred during the harvest and highlights the problem of labor shortage.

– Nevertheless, pickers are found, and the harvest lasts about ten days. I sell my cherry products on the domestic market. On an annual level, I sell about six tons of cherries – adds Pandžić.

He emphasizes that weather conditions greatly affect fruit yields.

– This is the time when no one can manage anymore. Times are tough for all agricultural producers. Whoever has an irrigation system, it is easier to produce. I hope that unfavorable weather conditions will not harm the yield of agricultural crops in our area – Pandžić points out.

In the area of ​​Gradačac, there are many households engaged in agriculture and cultivation of various agricultural crops. Citizens from that area are mainly engaged in fruit growing and cattle breeding.

Source: federalna.ba