Economic Olympics – International competition for high school students


The Economic Olympics is a competition in the field of economics and finance intended for thousands of high school students throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Economic Olympics was first organized in 2016 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in recent years it has spread to other countries around the world. In 2021, the Economic Olympics is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina and will provide an opportunity for thousands of high school students across the country to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to understand the world and society in which we live through a competitive educational program.


In the modern world, the economic and financial literacy of the individual is key to individual and collective success. Education has a direct impact on the level of financial literacy of the population. The education system in BiH, based on traditional ways of learning and outdated curricula, does not provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to orient themselves in current events.

With the hope of a better and more prosperous BiH, our goals are:

  • Motivate young people’s interest in studying economics
  • Raise the level of economic literacy in BiH
  • Help young people become competitive individuals in the labor market
  • Identifying talented young economists
  • Connecting high school students with experts in the field of economics and finance
  • Creating a network of high school teachers with interests in economic education
  • Prepare young people for the challenges of the 21st century


The Economic Olympics consists of four rounds – three national and one international.


  • Organized by the coordinator, an authorized teacher, with the help of the Economic Olympics team.
  • Simple online testing process allows teachers to test entire classes at once.
  • In case of lack of IT equipment in schools, there is a possibility to organize testing from home.
  • The test lasts 40 minutes and fits into one lesson.
  • The test contains 25 closed questions.
  • Each student takes a different test, questions are generated from the database.
  • The best students from all schools are placed in the second round and access a one-month education.


  • Held in five main regions of BiH: Tuzla, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zenica, Mostar.
  • Students are taking a written test.
  • Sample test and recommended literature are available on the official website.
  • 50 best students advance to the national final round.


  • Held in one of the five cities. In the first year, Sarajevo will be a host city.
  • Students are taking written test.
  • 10 best students are taking an oral exam and debate with experts.
  • Announcement of winners and final ceremony where students and teachers will have the opportunity to meet organizers, economists, and partners.


  • Winners advance to the international final round with peers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Greece, Hungary…


Personal benefits

  • People of all ages who have learned the basics of financial and economic literacy are better prepared for all life situations.
  • Understanding the functioning of the global world and the ability to prepare for sudden macroeconomic situations, such as the financial crisis.
  • Strengthens the ability to manage your own money, to save, and invest.
  • Strengthens the ability to better filter information from media and political platforms.
  • Possibility to connect with peers and experts in the field of economics and finance.
  • Travel!

Public benefit

  • Understanding economic principles, therefore, leads to a better and more conscious society.
  • Citizens who understand economic principles are less prone to populism and better oriented in public affairs.
  • An economically literate population can reduce the negative effects of economic crises.
  • The level of financial literacy in a society is directly linked to economic progress.

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