Continuation of support: Another donation from Mozart for Safe House Sarajevo

The socially responsible action “Stop violence against women” of the company Mozzart continues this year through the support of Safe Houses throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of this project, they have so far handed out numerous goods and monetary donations to the residents of Safe Houses and their children, and famous athletes have also supported them in this.

For the second time, the donation arrived at the address of the Sarajevo Local Democracy Foundation.

“We thank the company Mozzart for this donation, as well as for the continuous support through the project ‘Stop violence against women’. This action tells us best that there are companies and people who, with their actions, send a clear message to the victims of violence that they are not alone in their struggle and that there are people who want to help them. Such support for victims of violence really means a lot”, says Mubera Lemeš, manager of the Safe House of the Sarajevo Local Democracy Foundation.

Mozzart's donation to the Safe House in Sarajevo

Mozzart’s donation to the Safe House in Sarajevo

During the previous visit, representatives of the Mozzart company handed them  household appliances  and bedding, in order to make their stay in the Safe House at least a little more comfortable. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, they made them happy by handing over  symbolic gifts , and now they received a monetary donation, as a sign of support in providing the best possible conditions for the residents’ stay.

The Local Democracy Foundation established the Safe House for Victims of Violence for the Sarajevo Canton area in 2000, and within its framework, three services were established. A shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence is available. There is also a Shelter for girls and women aged 12 to 18 who are victims of incest, rape, sexual violence, family and other forms of violence. Since 2004, the SOS telephone, a red line for reporting violence, which is open 24 hours, has been at your service. To the number 033 222 000, in two decades, they received 17,040 calls.

During the past 24 years, they had 2,386 beneficiaries, among them 860 women, 1,124 children and 402 girls. Last year, there were 100 users in the accommodation with 6,851 overnight stays. Beneficiaries and their children are provided with accommodation for up to six months, but if there is a need for a longer stay, that period can be extended.

Mozzart's donation to the Safe House in Sarajevo

Mozzart’s donation to the Safe House in Sarajevo

In addition to the physical protection and safety of victims, the Safe House provides complete psychosocial treatment for beneficiaries and children with the aim of overcoming traumatic experiences, empowering victims, developing social skills, economic empowerment and preparing for a better life without violence after leaving the Safe House.

With their dedicated work, they managed to do a lot in the fight against violence against women in our society, but this problem is still present, so any support for them in the continuation of the fight is significant.

The Mozzart company knows this well and confirms it with their actions. Namely, through the “Stop violence against women in BiH” project, they have so far supported the work of the Safe Houses in Banja Luka, Modriča, Bijeljina, Tuzla, Mostar, Zenica, Bihać, the Safe Apartment in Goražde and the Reception Center in Jajce with goods and monetary donations. . Famous athletes supported them in this, and they will continue this noble mission in the future.