Challenge Month in Lonac is over! We proudly present to you the winners of the Challenge

And finally, that day has come – the day when we will announce the winners of our first Challenge Month in Lonac! 🎈🥳🎈

I know that you are all eager to read the names of the chosen ones and find out what kind of gifts they will receive 👀 but before that I will steal just a little more of your attention. I would like to thank all participants who enriched all four challenges. Thank you for your contribution, good will and energy that you shared with all of us! ✨

I once again would like to share great suggestions and stories of young people who participated and made our job of choosing the winners of the challenges very difficult.

It all started with the first challenge, in which we chose creative suggestions for a short jingle/slogan/Lonac song in one or a few sentences. 🎶

In the second challenge, we got a little serious and got professional, so we asked you “What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?” We are glad if we motivated someone beyond the challenge to work on their profile on this social network and dedicate themselves to networking! 🌐

Then we aimed to shake up business owners, so the third challenge in Lonac was “Create a Company page and present your business!” 💼

For the end of the challenge month in Lonac, as well as for the end of the year, we left a challenge that was perhaps the most significant, “Share with everyone – what positive thing happened to you in 2020?” ✨

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for!


    The winners of Lonac Challenges:

The best jingle/slogan/Lonac song

Marina Bogdanović (backpack);

    Meriha Ratković (sweatshirt);

    Bojan Gavrić (sweatshirt);

    Jovan Pavlović (power bank).

Best LinkedIn profile

    Faruk Gutić (backpack);

    Lejla Zonić (sweatshirt);

    Melika Damadžić (power bank).

Best Company page

    Ana Cvejićidea boutique(backpack and promo article);

    Anđela ŠpanovićWagWag (sweatshirt and promo article);

    Kemal ObadAmber (power bank and promo article).

The most positive story that happened in 2020

    Sedin Smajlović (backpack), who took a risk and started a business in these difficult times;

    Edina Ljubuškić (sweatshirt), she had the largest number of likes on her answer, as well as numerous realized projects and other successes as the coordinator of the Student Council of the Secondary Technical School Bugojno and the coordinator of the Youth Bank Bugojno;

    Amina Hrnčić (power bank), published two collections of poetry that achieved great success, even outside the borders of her country.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it was not easy to choose the winners. That is why we decided to award honorary prizes to those members who made an extra effort, and they are:

    Ulmihana Čilić (power bank);

    Emina Mujić-Mulalić (power bank);

    Edin Grahić (power bank).

Although all the challenges are very dear to us, it seems that you liked the first one the most, in which you showed all your creativity! We have received the biggest number of applications for the first Challenge – 32 😱 And I’m not exaggerating when I say that each of these proposals beautifully described what Lonac is, why our community is important and how it contributes to building a better and fairer society in the region. 

To quote Bojan:

Šta se ljudi ovo, u krčka,

izgleda neka vesela, kreativna zvrčka.

Ako imaš ideju, za posao imaš dara,

prijavi se odmah, možda bude para., ti odmah se pridruži,

možda tebi pomognu, za to Lonac služi.

Znam da mnogi ne vjeruju, da postoji,

a situacija je takva, da on treću godinu broji.

pomažu mnoge projekte, velike i male.

45 000 članova to je vrijedno hvale,

Želim im da se održe još godina trista,

I da ime još nam dugo blista.

Congratulations to all winners, I hope you will like our gifts as much as we do! 😁

It is important to know that the backpacks were created by our dear Ivan, who joined Lonac community in 2019, presented his idea after the Youth Bank published its call for proposals, and has been successfully developing his small business Protector ever since. The sweatshirts were made by the great Funky Guerilla, a business from Gradiška. And the power banks come were provided by R&S, one of the partner companies in Lonac.

We would also like to thank our 40,000th member – Belma Horozović-Sinanović, who has already received her gift and sent us a picture 😊

We are looking forward to photos of all winners, when they receive their gifts! 🎁😊