Call for citizens – education on composting

In order to achieve sustainable development of the Local community Kiseljak, the Tuzla Community Foundation procured 150 composters for home composting, which will be given to citizens free of charge.


The subject of the call is the submission of an application for education on the topic of Composting biodegradable municipal waste, with the aim of reducing the total amount of waste produced and improving the sustainable development of Local community Kiseljak. Participants in this training will have the opportunity to receive a composter.

Description: The composter has a volume of 380 liters, dimensions 719 x 719 x 826 mm and it is made of 100% polyethylene, country of origin Poland. They are suitable for composting household and garden waste. The construction of the composter allows its use in summer and winter. They are easy to install without the use of tools. The composter container has no bottom (due to contact with the soil and access of microorganisms). There are openings for composting on two sides.

II             USERS

Conditions that users must meet:

  • Users must have a permanent residence in the area of ​​ Local community Kiseljak.
  • The user has a garden for placing the composter at the address of residence (data will be subject to verification).
  • One natural person can submit only one application based on this call and is entitled to the award of one composter.
  • There are no outstanding obligations (breach of contract) towards the Tuzla Community Foundation
  • The application form submitted on time (the applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the data).


The completed application for participation in the training and awarding of composters is submitted to:

  • E-mail:
  • In person at the office of the Social Center Kiseljak on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm

Selected users will be informed about the date of workshops on composting. The trainer is Džemil Agić, director of the Center for Ecology and Energy.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission begins with the publication of this Call, i.e., April 11, 2022, and ends with the closing of the call, i.e., the publication of the Notice on closing the call on the official website of the Foundation.

The call closes when the received applications in relation to the available number of composters, reach 150% of the total available number of composters. Applications submitted to this call after the call closes will not be included in the award process.


This call is published on April 11, 2022 on the official website of the Tuzla Community Foundation

Tuzla Community Foundation reserves the right to cancel this invitation at any stage of the procedure, without further explanation, with the obligation to publish the Notice of Cancellation on our official website.

All additional information related to this call can be obtained at the Social Center Kiseljak in regular working hours from 08-16 hours, phone number 035 382 325.

The project is being implemented with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).