Call for applications – The Seventh generation of the Academy of Political Responsibility

After the successful realization of six generations of the Academy (2014 – 2020), the Boris Divković Foundation announces a call for participation in the seventh Academy of Political Responsibility. The goal of the Academy is to establish a new political culture in BiH, which is an unavoidable precondition for the effective functioning of political structures and peaceful coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Without a new political culture, it is impossible to overcome ongoing political crises, starting with the constitutional-territorial structure and post-transition trauma that is reflected in different segments of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). By educating young people who represent the new generation of politicians and talking about topics that are not represented in political life in BiH, we can introduce positive examples in the political life of BiH.

▪️ Who can apply:

– Young politicians aged 18 to 35 from different political parties in BiH;

– Young MPs aged 18 to 35 in various political structures of the country (parliaments, ministries, governments, etc.);

– Young people from various non-governmental organizations whose focus is in the field of politics;

– Young journalists whose focus is on the analysis and presentation of political processes in the country.

▪️ Structure of the Academy:

The Academy of Political Responsibility is a three-day event. It covers topics related to political culture, the dominant paradigm of regional political culture, the relationship between politics, civil society and education, the politics of memory, defining the media as a space of manifestation and shaping political culture, the relationship between religion and economy in the political context, global political portrait and politics and gender equality.

▪️ Academy dates:

The Academy will be held in the Franciscan St. Bonaventure Monastery in Visoko in the period from December 11 – 13, 2020.

▪️ Costs of the Academy:

The organizers will cover the travel costs, accommodation, food, refreshments and participation in the Academy.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 25.11.2020. The application form can be found at this link.

In case of a larger number of applications, the organizers will select the participants, taking into account the gender, political party, non-governmental and media sectors, as well as regional representation. Selected participants will be notified by December 1, 2020. Good luck! 🙂

In case of additional questions, please send an email to or contact us via our social network profiles.

The Boris Divković Foundation was founded in 2013 with the aim of advancing political science and political practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Foundation promotes a responsible policy, which serves all citizens and operates on the principles of equality, coexistence and solidarity.

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