Book Announcement: Promotion of the book “Psychology with workshops and exercises for personal development” by Dženana Kalaš

The promotion of the book Psychology with workshops and exercises for personal development, written by Dženana Kalaš, a long-time professor of psychology and psychotherapist, will take place on Thursday, October 15, at the History Museum in Sarajevo, starting at 5:00 PM.

Nowadays, people claim that books are an obsolete means of learning something new. This claim is usually present due to the rapid availability of information online. The book Psychology with workshops and exercises for personal development confirms the exact opposite – books that provide an individual approach to the acquisition of knowledge and that confirm the purpose and outcomes of learning are needed.

In addition to the basics of general psychology, personality psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology, readers will be able to enjoy practical workshops that can be used by professors teaching psychology, and for practical exercises and examples to acquire skills that encourage personal development of each individual. In summary, the book is useful for everyone, especially psychology students. The book contains recent research, articles and messages from other authors as an important comparative indicator of an interdisciplinary approach to science. It can be used in high schools, universities, but also as a manual for personal development.

Psychology with workshops and exercises for personal development was created with the aim of demystifying exclusive language expertise, the tendency to label, self-label and self-diagnose, for those who get partial information from the internet, and to show what science offers at the moment, to provide support to every reader who wants to understand themselves better, as well as to better understand the world around them.