BiH: The Islamic community donated 260,000 KM in aid for those affected by the floods in Bosnian Krajina

The first intervention aid to the affected population was activated and realized by the Islamic Community through the Muslim Charitable Society (MDD) Merhamet and the Red Cross, and these activities were coordinated by the Mufti of Bihac

The Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through its program activities, awarded aid in the total value of 260,000 KM to victims of floods in the Bosnian Krajina, Anadolia reports.

The first intervention aid to the affected population was activated and implemented by the Islamic Community through the Muslim Charitable Society (MDD) Merhamet and the Red Cross, and these activities were coordinated by the Mufti of Bihać.

Humanitarian packages and hygiene items were then distributed on the ground, and in the meantime, a fair was organized for flooded areas throughout BiH.

Funds from the sergeia were also allocated to the Mufti of Bihac in the amount of 160,000 KM, and were distributed among the majlis that suffered the most damage. These are the Majlis of Bihać, Cazin, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Novi, Bužim and Sanski Most.

On this occasion, a meeting was held in Bihać with those citizens who were nominated by congregational committees and representatives of local community councils to receive the support of the Islamic community.

The Mufti of Bihac, Hafiz Mehmed ef, addressed the audience on the occasion. Kudić, coordinator for social care of the Bihać Mufti Sabahudin ef. Begić and the chief imam of the Majlis from Bihać Mensur ef. Ćehić, reports the agency MINA.

“Although the aid is significant for many people, I still think it is symbolic. Our goal is to give back to our people the attention they continuously give to the Islamic community and to encourage state institutions of all levels to provide unreserved support and help repair the damage caused. It is of great importance that our people understand that they are not alone and that they have institutions and organizations that will come to their aid when they need that help,” said the mufti of Bihać.

On this occasion, he thanked reisul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazović and Rijaset of the Islamic Community for showing concern for Krajina and the flooded areas, as well as all the congregations who donated their contributions for the flooded areas.

“Even today, we conveyed that we will never bypass our people in our actions and activities. The commitment of the Islamic community is to listen to people, to understand them and to delegate their problems in the public space. We will always be with you”, said Mufti Kudić.

Sabahudin ef. Begić spoke about the details of financial support for people who suffered damage in floods and announced that these are not the final funds and that he expects this support to continue in the coming period.

“The Rijaset of the Islamic Community intervened with funds that were transferred to Merhamet and the Red Cross, on the other hand, packages with food items and means for cleaning and disinfection were delivered. After the sergia was held in all the congregations, Rijaset transferred 160,000 KM to our mufti and we distributed these funds among the majlis that suffered in the floods. This means that 160 families received one thousand convertible marks each. And if we add those intervention funds, we arrive at a figure of 260,000 KM. We have announcements from Austria and Switzerland, but also from Rijaset that this is not the end, but that we will continue to support our people in accordance with our capabilities. We once again call on the government institutions to respond to our citizens as quickly as possible and help them repair the damage,” said Begić.

Chief imam of Majlis Bihać Mensur ef. Ćehić pointed out that they could not include all households that suffered damage, so they chose only those in which water entered the houses and which need to rehabilitate the living space.

The president of the Bihać Majlis, Samir Bećirspahić, pointed out that this Majlis, in cooperation with the Rijaset Social Care Office, will help especially socially vulnerable citizens whose property was damaged in the floods, and he hopes that they will soon be able to provide some funds for the repair of damages caused to agricultural areas.

The beneficiaries of this aid did not hide their satisfaction and gratitude to the Islamic community for being the first to react and specifically provide help to people who suffered significant material damages.

To Klaudija Šahinović from the Kulen Vakuf congregation in Bihać, water entered the first floor where she lives and destroyed furniture, household appliances and caused great damage.

“I am very grateful to the Islamic community for this support. We thank them for being the first to react, and this is not a symbolic, but essential help that we received. Water suddenly appeared in the house and I can freely say that there was a waterfall of water in my house. In addition to household appliances and furniture, a number of goats and chickens were killed, and I hope this will never happen again. These funds are of great importance for me to try to repair part of what was destroyed,” said Šahinović.

The local community of Pokoj is the most affected area in the recent floods. Its president, Amir Koričić, points out that after the damage inventory, the data is now accurate and that it can be judged that this local community suffered a lot.

He also expressed his gratitude to the Islamic community, which until now has always been the first in support, and now that support was more than needed.